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Dream Local Digital hires client success coordinator, Kaylynn Emerson


Get to know our newest #HoneyBadger, Kaylynn.

Being born and raised in Rockland, Maine, Kaylynn Emerson never knew much more than boats and beaches, and she’s perfectly okay with that. Her family is there and ever growing so she doesn’t plan on leaving any time soon. Kaylynn has six younger siblings, and a lot of birthdays to remember.


Kaylynn graduated from Oceanside High School in 2014, and attended UMaine for one year but returned for a few reasons. She still makes the trip up on the occasional weekend to visit some friends, but always comes back to her home on the mid-coast. The two things that pull her back here are covered in fur, one big and one small. Colt is a rust-colored, slobbering, playful 5-year-old golden retriever who she has loved as her own for the last two years. Pearl is a fawn-colored, loving, energetic pug whose bark is bigger than her bite. Her birthday is two days before Kaylynn’s, and she has been her partner in crime for almost two years.


In her rare free time Kaylynn enjoys fishing and baking. She is also known for spontaneously bringing her latest baking creation (often cupcakes with a lot of frosting shaped like flowers) into the office!

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