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Dream Local Digital hires marketing strategist Josh Bedell


Get to know our newest #HoneyBadger, Josh.

From his birth in California, his adolescence in Mid Coast Maine, his retreat to Chapel Hill, N.C., and then his return to Portland, Maine, it’s hard to find Josh living in one place for too long. He’s beginning to learn that home is anywhere he makes it. He’s thinking about moving at least one more time – to Japan.

Originally believing he’d be a theater major, Josh opted for an English degree instead at the last second. Reading his way through two semesters, Josh was accidentally introduced to the world of advertising and marketing when assigned to pitch scripts he had written. He finished his English degree, but then jumped at the marketing opportunity at Dream Local Digital.

Josh’s hobbies involve most everything geeky/nerdy in nature, and he has an unhealthy obsession with the 1950s era. His life’s music genre would be a dreamy mix of Shoegaze bands with a side of 80s/90s ska-punk. Josh’s passion for learning Japanese is only rivaled by his deep love of Star Wars. After all, he did change his middle name to Lando. Who doesn’t love the smoothest guy in Cloud City?

Josh is excited to join the Dream Local team, can’t wait to see what’s waiting ahead of him. ありがとうございます! (Arigatou gozaimasu!)

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