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Dream Local Digital hires new Marketing Strategist, Lydia Spencer

Lydia Spencer

Get to know our newest #HoneyBadger, Lydia.

Lydia grew up in Dover Foxcroft, Maine. When she was about eight years old, her mother decided she was going to move back to Maine, her home state, to start her own horse farm. Lydia and her family lived on the North Shore of Massachusetts where having horses was a costly operation, and her mother’s dream was to move back to Maine where she could have land to grow her own hay and have large pastures and breed her own horses. That’s just what she did. Lydia grew up in a beautiful 1890s farmhouse training horses and working on the farm.

She has always had a love for art, so in her early twenties she decided to go to college to study fine art. Lydia studied at the University of Maine and at the New Hampshire Institute of Art.

After college, Lydia moved back to her hometown of Dover Foxcroft and continued her art career and training horses. In recent years, she’s had the opportunity to help a couple small businesses in her hometown get started in their first year of business. In doing so, she developed a love for helping businesses communicate and tell their stories to the public. Lydia finds the passion and drive it takes to own and grow your own business remarkable and inspiring!

Lydia still paints and rides horses any chance she gets, as well as spend time with her incredible daughter and loving husband in their own little 1890s farmhouse in Dover Foxcroft, Maine.

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