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Dream Local hires new marketing strategist / designer, Kat Waters


Get to know our newest #HoneyBadger, Kat.

I was born in Princeton, New Jersey, and even though I’m “from away,” I truly consider Midcoast Maine to be my home. Ever since I was young, I fretted about what I was going to do when I grew up, and wondered if I would ever be able to find an occupation that would truly make me happy.


Fast forward to August 2013 when I started at Roger Williams University. I was much older but I still didn’t know what I wanted to do, and was struggling to choose a career path between biology (I’ve always had this thing for whales) and marketing (a suggestion from my very left-brained father, which was probably the best advice he has ever given to his very right-brained daughter). I decided to pull in the reins on my run-away imagination and steer the rest of my education through the marketing department.


During my last year of college, I was in an Advertising Campaigns class that participated in the National Student Advertising Competition, which caused me to absolutely fall in love with advertising (I knew any class that encouraged one to dress as an “agency creative hipster” was going to be a great fit). This class had me sitting in the same room with the same people for 12 hours at a time, spending two hours fixing copy only to have our professor tell us that he hated it and that we needed to start over again. While this would have sent others running for the hills, I kept going back for more, not knowing if it was because I was so passionate about what I was creating, or if I was completely crazy. (It was a perfect combination of both). I graduated in May 2017, with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, with minors in graphic design and web development. With that being said, I found an occupation that truly makes me happy, and I am thrilled that I get to do what I love every day at Dream Local Digital.

I am passionate about drinking coffee, Jurassic Park, photography and making people smile. In my free time, I’m attending concerts, taking road trips, playing the guitar, hanging out with my dog or napping in a hammock.

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