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How Facebook Ads Can Help Your Service-Based Business

Because 80% of all internet users are on Facebook, Facebook Ads are a great resource for businesses to promote products and services to the masses.

Some companies have used Facebook Ads to grow their revenue from six figures to seven figures. Others put their money into an ad only to get nothing in return.

There’s debate about whether certain industries thrive with Facebook Ads and others don’t. In fact, it’s not really about how you set up your ad but more about how well you know or don’t know your audience.

Facebook Ads are shown to people based on audience interests, common internet practices, industry, relationship status, gender, geographical location, etc. If you’ve done your target audience research, these should be easy things to plug into your ad campaign. If you haven’t, then it’s going to cost you more money in testing ads.

Facebook ads are relatively affordable and easy to set up and design. They’re the perfect answer to getting a service-based business seen online fast.

How Do Facebook Ads Work?

When you  browse your Facebook news feed, you may notice there are a few posts with the word “sponsored” under the company name. These are companies who have paid to promote their posts with Facebook Ads.

You may wonder why certain company ads are shown to you even when you’ve never contacted or heard of that company before. That’s because the company or person who set up the ad has set up their audience targeting, and your profile matched the parameters entered.

When Should My Business Start Using Facebook Ads?

In short, now. As a small business, ads can make or break your company online. The platform has become easier to use, and many companies use it to grow their followings, get leads, and engage with new customers.

The ads platform continues to grow, and new businesses come online every day. That’s why if you’ve been wrestling with whether to use Facebook ads for your business – struggle no more. The answer is yes, get online and get seen. Your business’s success could depend on it!

Start Using Facebook Ads Today

Ready to get online and start using Facebook ads but not sure where to start or what the best practices for audience and campaign set up are? The social media marketing team at Dream Local Digital can help.

Our team of ad strategists will help you create your ideal audience, set a budget, create the ad copy and design, as well as the strategy around your ad and then launch and monitor it for you.

To get discuss your options, contact us today.

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