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Facebook Finally Lets Administrators Change Usernames

Facebook Allows Businesses to Change Usernames

By Alyssa McCluskey
If your business recently changed its name and you have been struggling with the decision to delete your old Facebook page, the one that carries your old company name in the URL, stop right there!

As of yesterday, Facebook announced that page owners can now change their Usernames. Now businesses who have changed their companies’ names are able to also change their Facebook Username, without losing Facebook fans as a result of making to a new page.

Facebook Finally Lets Administrators Change Usernames

Think Before Making the Change

While this is a fantastic option for business pages and personal pages alike, changing your Username is not a decision that should be made lightly.

• Take some time to seriously consider what you want to change your Username to, and make sure someone trustworthy is assigned the task to change the name. Facebook only allows you to change your Username once, which means if a mistake is made during the change (spelling errors, typing in the wrong name, etc.) you will have no opportunity to change it again.

• Bear in mind that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will face some changes as well. It may become harder to search for your business via the Web. This will take some time to readjust, and is another factor to take into consideration.

Our advice: Think long and hard about whether this is a move you should make.

This is a great opportunity for business pages, especially for those businesses who have recently changed their names. Companies no longer have to worry about losing all of their Facebook fans in the shift.  However, you only get one shot… Don’t waste it!

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