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Five Things to Help Your Business “Spring Forward” This Season

Here are some great spring marketing ideas.

Do you want to hit the ground running this spring? As winter becomes a distant memory, people everywhere are anxious to get out of the house and shake off their cabin fever. Now is the perfect time to launch a strategic marketing plan that capitalizes on this increase in activity all around you. Here are five ways you can give your business a spring boost.

Social media contest

Holding a social media contest is a fantastic way to grow engagement and increase your brand presence. Spring has several holidays you can base a contest around, like Mother’s Day or Memorial Day. For example, you could invite your customers to share photos or memories about their mothers and incentivize them with a drawing for a prize or discount on their next purchase. Even better, ask them to tag their moms or friends for increased engagement!

Host an event

Encourage your customers to visit your store by hosting an event, whether it’s a sales event, a product demonstration, a guest speaker, or even just free coffee and doughnuts. This is the time of year to host an outdoor event if you have the capability. People everywhere are itching to spend time outside and enjoy the warmer weather. Advertise your event on social media with some variation of “Are you interested in (insert event subject matter here)?” and encourage your followers to share and tag friends who might be interested, too. Put a sign outside your store advertising the event to attract foot traffic. Consider planning some special events to coincide with spring holidays as well.

Coordinate your marketing and branding

Brainstorm ways of refreshing your storefront, web presence and advertising campaigns so that they are coordinated and consistent. Presenting your branding and marketing as a united front is a great way to make yourself stand out from your competition.

Plan a social media campaign

Now is the perfect time to launch a social media campaign to remind people of your business, especially if you are hosting an event or promoting a spring or holiday-related sale. If you have products that are more relevant this time of year, make sure your customers are aware of that too. Your social media campaign can even just be about reconnecting with your followers by asking questions and engaging them in the comments.

Prepare for next year

After putting so much work into a successful marketing plan for springtime, you should make sure you’re documenting your steps, your successes, your failures and your ideas for next year. Every year, you can refine your marketing strategy so each spring is easier than the last in terms of implementing your plan. Having a living document that you can share with your employees will help make your spring marketing efforts move that much more efficiently.

No matter the time of year, we can help you identify the best ideas and paths towards creating the perfect marketing strategy. Contact Dream Local Digital today and let us give you a free marketing consultation.

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