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Welcome to Geekbook —  Capturing the daily buzz in social media and online marketing & design, as well as trends and cultural topics that are helping shape and inform today’s readers. Send comments or ideas to [email protected]. For more from Dream Local, go to our Daily Dose blog.

Back after a bit of a break, and there’s a lot of talk about how the publishing industry will adjust to a growing digital population. With a prominent blogger taking a big risk and a top cultural magazine’s website looking at a possible paywall, we see that 2013 could be a defining year for many organizations trying to find a way to generate revenue from their online content without alienating their readers. These stories, as well as a controversial move from Google and a helpful guide for businesses considering Pinterest, help round out today’s review. Enjoy!

  • Andrew Sullivan’s Big Move: Daily Dish creator, Andrew Sullivan, who started blogging solo, and then worked at The Atlantic and The Daily Beast, has decided to take his team independent. With no ads, he is planning to generate revenue through paid subscriptions of $19.99/year. – PSFK
  • The Atlantic Paywall: More news about online pay models today as The Atlantic looks to generate more revenue from its online offerings. Atlantic President points to the Times model as proof that paywalls can be a win-win. – Forbes
  • Seven Publishing Trends that will define 2013:  From micropublishing and digital subscriptions to micropayments and curation, @hamishmckenzie looks at how the publishing world will try to further adapt and survive as more of their customers move to online only. – PandoDaily
  • You Will Use Google+: In a controversial move Google looks to further get into Facebook’s business by creating a Google+ public account for anyone who creates a Gmail, YouTube, or other type of account within their suite of applications. – The Wall Street Journal
  • How Businesses Use Pinterest: Dream Local’s Alyssa McCluskey recently wrote a piece for the Inland Press giving some key insights to how Pinterest can be used by businesses as a key part of their online marketing strategies. – Inland Press

“We don’t build services to make money. We make money to build better services.”
–CEO Mark Zuckerberg, writing in a Facebook regulatory filing, as quoted by Bloomberg Businessweek

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