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Breaking: Labor Secretary Hilda Solis tells colleagues she is resigning from Obama administration – @AP

Today — A serious ferry accident in Manhattan, President Obama to nominate his chief of staff to be the next Treasury Secretary, Boston in a state of emergency, and no new Hall of Famers for now. These stories, plus we look at upcoming Facebook Timeline changes, a new iPhone, and more. Enjoy!

  • Newsfeed: Dozens were injured in a ferry accident in Lower Manhattan this morning. The cause was not immediately clear. – New York Times
  • Facebook Timeline: Facebook’s new Timeline for personal accounts reveals a single-column format. – Dream Local
  • Apple News: Apple plans to release a lower cost iPhone by end of this year. Pricing between $99-$150.  – The Next Web
  • Toolbox:  Is Facebook good for fundraising? John Haydon reviews the good and the bad, and gives several links and helpful tips. – frogloop
  • Interesting: Why do we blink so much? Sure, blinking helps keep your eyes lubricated, however there’s more to the story. – NBC News
  • Feel Good Web: Baby panda ready for San Diego Zoo public debut. – CBS News

“It’s so hot in Australia, one gas station had to stop selling petrol b/c it was “vaporizing” in the heat.” – @drgrist

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