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Geekbook | 5 Things You Should See

by Jeff Howland

The Arctic got lost this week, spawning a vortex of interest in the laws of thermodynamics, resulting in people doing stupid things with boiling water. Mainers say, “meh.” It’s so cold, Jay Carney stopped shaving. Am I off the hook now? These amazing images of frozen, really cold things, are in fact, not related to the ‘vortex.’ And Laura Ingalls Wilder would walk through this vortex, uphill both ways, carrying Little Ruby on her back.

George Washington Bridge, Flickr, D. Fletcher

Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David are up to something, and if only this were true (it’s not), we’d have some real Must See TV. Until then, watch Bao Bao, the baby panda make a graceful entrance or see how this guy raised a duckling in his beard. Isn’t that cute? No, and there’s duckling poop.

Randomness: A messaging system that allows corporate communications to self-destruct, Snapchat style. What could go wrong? Great question, glad you asked: Yes, why is the Insane Clown Posse suing the FBI? And, the nation braces for a Velveeta shortage. Or just make your own.


5 Things You Should See

1. This is so touching, if you don’t tear up, check your pulse.


2. I don’t want you to watch this, but I have to include it here. One of the most intense ads I’ve ever seen. One minute of primal fear. 


3. The story behind one of the most iconic photographs in human history and how they almost missed it.


4. Yes, media organizations still need professional photographers.


5. When Jay Z brought a 12-year old fan on stage, I didn’t think he would be this good.


Headline – ‘Tennessee man to plead guilty to smuggling narwhal whale tusks through Bangor in scheme run by ex-Mountie’ – Judy Harrison, Bangor Daily News

Music – Deadmau5, ‘Some Chords‘ 

Quote – “I wanna call your name forever, and you will always answer forever.” – Pooh

WordAwry: away from the appropriate, planned, or expected course; amiss.

Read – Pictures That Change History: Why the World Needs Photojournalists – David Rohde, The Atlantic

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