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Geekbook | 5 Things You Should See

You can now use this word pretty much whenever you want; because, just because. Sure I get the 2013 word of the year, even last year’s, but what happened in 2011? There seems to be some confusion about where airplanes are supposed to land; I mean how does this even happen? Seriously, shouldn’t there be some computer or possibly a human that is smart enough to not do this? Glad to see they engineered some flexibility into that 10,000 foot runway spec.

Don’t even go there. We made it what, five days until someone had to go and write this story? Old news, Snapchat didn’t take Facebook’s $3 billion offer. New news, here’s a great answer to why the hell not? Smart people say I should get more sleep, but I’m too busy reading about why the U.S. didn’t find the God particle and reminiscing about the high school paper I wrote about it (that was a few years ago).

How much longer until my car drives itself? This will solve a lot of my problems. Well, at least one. Speaking of a few years ago, why is ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ back in the charts? Seriously, what’d I miss? Great song, love it, but 1986 people. This impossible headline; who’s not clicking this? There are people with different brain compositions than me, and this is apparently something they think would be a real hoot. Worlds collide here.

Because Internet.

Here Are 5 Things You Should See


Little Girls Ditch the Glamour and Build Epic Rube Goldberg Machine


Bride Whose Father Died Gets Beautiful Surprise at Wedding


This film riveted me to the screen for 9 minutes – Portrait of The Last Two Weeks of Philip Gould’s Life //


KENNEDY IS KILLED BY SNIPER – The New York Times front page & story


Music – Coldplay, The Scientist (Live), Sessions @AOL 2003 

Words – “And I asked myself about the present: how wide it was, how deep it was, how much was mine to keep.” – Kurt Vonnegut

What’d I miss? Email me your favorite stories and images.

by Jeff Howland

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