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It’s Monday and social trends fell kind of flat today. As such, the conversations that held some traction through the day were, the brief Gmail outage, a funny new Twitter account that people (including me) seem to enjoy, and more Twitter vs. Instagram news. Today, the deviation of more upsetting news, such as the report of the death of a SEAL team member, from trending online topics demonstrates how dynamic and unpredictable the online conversation can be.

  • Gmail Fail: The Twitterverse was rife with complaints about Gmail for a brief  time today, as Gmail was down. While the issue appears to have lasted for only a short time, here are some notes from those who were impacted. Additionally Google’s browser, Chrome was crashing for many. Here’s more on the story from The Atlantic.

RT @onthemedia: Gmail is down! Everybody panic!

@DylanByers: Do we really need gmail if we have Twitter?

@jaredbkeller: Gmail is dead and General Motors is alive.

  • Newman! There’s a new Twitter account getting lots of attention today, @SeinfeldToday — “What if Seinfeld were still on the air?” Below are a couple of my favorites and here is some additional background from The Atlantic:

RT @SeinfeldToday: Jerry breaks up with a beautiful woman because she favorites every one of his tweets. Kramer and Newman start a podcast.

Elaine has a bad waiter at a nice restaurant, her negative Yelp review goes viral, she gets banned. Kramer accidentally joins the Tea Party.

  • Twitter vs. Instagram (cont.) – The drama continues as Twitter may be looking at photo filtering service functionality from within the app. Mike Isaac talks about the plans and strategic importance. – All Things D
  • Social Secrets: Great news for businesses and organizations who have multiple Facebook pages and want to consolidate them into one. Though there are some conditions, Facebook has updated the procedure to allow merging of up to six pages. John Loomer walks through the limitations and steps here.  
  • Photo of the Day: I previously noted my surprise at the lack of news about the recent typhoon in the Philippines. Today’s picture is from The Atlantic’s story covering the storm.
Destroyed crops, after flash floods caused by a powerful typhoon hit Compostela Valley, on December 7, 2012. (AP Photo/Jay Morales, Malacanang Photo Bureau)

  • Shareable: I’ve seen this one pop up enough today to become my social shareable story for the day. ‘Lost monkey in stylish coat drives IKEA shoppers bananas.’ (Video) – TODAY 

Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.”
— Edgar Allan Poe, “Eleonora”

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