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The Toolbox | How This Stuff Works

Welcome to Geekbook —  The Toolbox is regular feature, helping non-geeks better understand how all this social media, internet stuff works. It is a source for keeping you up to date with the latest critical changes, advice, and useful tips. For more from Dream Local, check out our Daily Dose blog.

  •  How to Merge Facebook Business Pages: If you have two or more (up to six) business pages and are looking to consolidate them, Facebook now allows this. This will combine all your likes although the content from the page you’re removing will not migrate. – Jon Loomer
  • How to Give Gifts on Facebook: At the end of the year Facebook rolled functionality to allow users to send gifts to your friends. When the occasion arises simply click on your friend’s profile, choose Gift, and you’re ready to make it happen! See it in action here.  – Mashable
  • Facebook Privacy Controls – What Parents Need to Know: At the end of the year Facebook overhauled its privacy controls making it easier (in some cases) to control who sees your information. This article gives parents a quick-study on how to untag photos using the new ‘report and remove’ tool. – Mashable
  • How to Fix a Wet iPhone: This has not happened to me and I really hope it doesn’t. However, if it does, this is probably where I’ll start. – AppNewser

“Genius is nothing more nor less than childhood recaptured at will.” – Charles Baudelaire

Geekbook is produced by Jeff Howland, Online Media Strategist at Dream Local Digital.

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