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Get Your Phone Out and Start Taking Pictures

Get Your Phone Out and Start Taking Pictures

The Case for Including More Visuals on Social Media

It probably doesn’t surprise anyone that images are king on social media. You were probably looking at a funny cat picture just before you clicked over to this article, weren’t you? It’s okay, I’m not judging.

If you already knew this, you might already be using images in your posts, but you probably still need to use more. If you didn’t, you now have no excuse for not including more pictures and images in your own posts. There’s no doubt that you will get more attention, and the likelihood is high that the extra attention will draw out some new customers.

Visualize Your Business’s Personality with Images

Of course this means creating enticing or funny images with text like many of the posts you’re always clicking “Like” on, but it should also mean setting you apart from your competition by giving prospects a view into the personality of your business.

Start Snapping

The best thing is that you have all the necessary tools for great pictures and videos on you almost all the time – your smartphone. Sure, you may want to edit them on a laptop before posting them anywhere, but you can capture as many high-quality pictures as your heart desires, and that’s what you should be doing. Smartphone pictures dominate social news feeds, so this isn’t new ground. It just may not have crossed your mind as a way to better promote your business online.

So what kind of phone pictures? All kinds. They can be used in a variety of different ways, so take them all and sort them out later. For instance, you could highlight an employee or associate of the week and post a picture and a little something about them. You can catch random funny shots of team members. You might take a picture of the whole team in front of the building for an announcement post. Who knows?

Move From Static to Dynamic with Video

When you click that little button in the corner, you can switch over and use the video camera to record customer testimonials to post on your website and your social channels. If you run a service business like plumbing or electrical, you might want to post short and helpful how-to videos that you shoot with your smartphone. That should be a real hit, and would add a personal touch. It’s also a great way to cross link and promote a YouTube channel, but that’s another discussion.

Just Do It. All the Time.

The key is to just start doing it. You may have to remind yourself at first until you create the habit, but once you’ve become accustomed to pulling your phone out and taking a few pictures throughout the day, you’ll start to do two things. First, you’ll start thinking of ways that a certain picture can be used as you’re taking it. And second, you’ll start thinking about pictures you want to capture to use in certain ways.

Both of these will make your posts better and attract more followers. More followers means more customers. And more customers means more opportunities for pictures.

If you’re interested in more ways to reach and attract customers, we can help. Contact Dream Local Digital today to start growing your business. 

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