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Give Customers What They Want this Christmas


This is what your customers are expecting this Christmas.

Your retail customers have two Christmas lists. One consists of presents they’d like to get from a large man with a white beard in a red suit. The other is what they’d like to receive from you. Here’s what your customers are expecting and how you can check off every item on this list:


Good Service
According to a Zogby Analytics survey, about half of shoppers think customer service is worse during the holiday season. The holidays are a busy time, and often this hustle and bustle can cause people to have less patience than normal. It’s important for retailers to continue to provide positive customer service since more than one-third of shoppers complain or ask for a manger when they have a bad experience. One-fifth of shoppers tell friends and family about customer service experiences and post about them on social media, and customers are more likely to tell others of bad experiences than good ones. To maintain a positive image and keep loyal customers, retailers should be jolly and helpful in every way possible.


Great Deals
Who doesn’t love a discount? Seventy-five percent of consumers search through their inboxes to look for relevant discounts. During the holidays, people are looking to save as much money as possible. In order to stay competitive, retailers should offer special promos or discounts to attract new customers. Even something as small as covering shipping costs can go a long way to keep customers happy and feeling appreciated. In fact, customers are four to five times more likely to purchase from you if you offer free shipping.


Mobile Optimization
The number of mobile shoppers is growing eight times faster than web shopping did in the 1990s and early 2000s. Three in 10 online shoppers use mobile devices, and this number continues to rise. A mobile website is vital for all retailers (even if you have a popular brick and mortar location) because consumers spend a significant amount of time engaging in some sort of retail while on their phones. By creating a responsive website that is optimized for mobile, customers will spend more time on your website increasing the likelihood that they will purchase from you.


Easy Navigation
We live in a “we need it now” society. Especially during the holiday rush when some people are scrambling to purchase last-minute gifts, it’s essential to offer an easy way for customers to navigate through your site so they are able to find exactly what they are looking for. Do you have popular items in stock? Feature those front and center. Reorganize navigational bars into main categories that include relevant subcategories (e.g., “Clothing” → “Shirts” → “Blouses”).


Dominant Presence
Your presence is your presents to your customers. Customers want an easy and convenient way to engage with you. That is shifting rapidly toward digital means of engagement, including email, website chat, and social media. Make sure customers are able to find you online easily through search. You can do this by optimizing keywords on your website to increase your search rankings. If you have a bricks-and-mortar store, make sure your physical address is correct across all online listings.


Provide these five things to your customers, and they will be all smiles. Contact us for a free marketing consultation and we’ll help you get started.



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