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Hook, Story and Offer Working Together

The “Hook, Story, Offer” framework enables businesses to build high-converting sales campaigns, landing pages and marketing initiatives.

Let’s see how Hook, Story and Offer work together to boost your conversion and business performance.

What Is “Hook, Story, Offer”?

This framework is effective because it educates customers efficiently and allows you flexibility in your marketing efforts. Your “Hook, Story, Offer” is your guideline for communicating with target customers. It allows you to structure your marketing messages clearly and maintain uniformity.


The hook is the object you use to catch your visitors’ attention. The hook can be an image, video thumbnail, headline or title.

Your hook should have the right bait. The right bait could be a picture that piques your visitors’ interest or a headline about a topic your target customer is interested in. To select the correct bait you need to understand your customers VERY well.


While your Hook captures your audience’s initial interest, your Story maintains this newly generated interest.

Your story needs to be clear, authentic and relevant to your target customers. Your story will attract more potential customers, change customer perception, enhance their understanding and interest in your product, and motivate your customers to take action.

Structure your story right and you will see improvements in impressions and conversions.


Arguably the most important aspect of this framework, the Offer must be valuable and convincing. Your Hook and Story should have already improved your customers’ perceived value of your product or service. They should now be receptive to a value proposition or offer.

To create a great offer, you must:

  1. Know your audience. You should have this covered after completing your Hook and Story, but further research and data analysis never hurt.
  2. Understand your target customers’ perceived risks and concerns.
  3. Know where your customers go to find answers and research your service or product.
  4. Understand your target customers’ motivations, drivers and purchasing behaviors.
  5. Know who is involved in making the purchasing decision. Are you an e-commerce brand that sells directly to customers? Are you a real estate agency serving families and couples? E-commerce usually sells to one person; however, service-based business can sell to multiple people (e.g., a couple, a business, a department within a company).

Ensure your marketing offer is clear by identifying what the customer would be buying, the results they can expect, and the pain points this offer will help them avoid. 

Each aspect of this framework is vital to building the most effective structure possible. If your landing page and marketing efforts are falling short, consider re-evaluating your “Hook, Story, Offer” framework.

Example of Hook, Story, Offer

Let’s try a quick example.

Imaginary Company: FitLast. Sells a fitness program sold by an online coaching company; run by females and marketed to females ages 20-45 within the USA.

Hook: Live your best life and finally achieve weight loss that lasts!

Story: Are you struggling with weight loss? Do you find it hard to keep a fitness routine? Do you feel like you’ve tried every “weight loss” program out there without seeing lasting results? If so, you’re not alone.

Our team consists of women who have faced similar fitness journeys and have found a sustainable and healthy solution. Dissatisfied with programs that didn’t work — or even worse, harmed their body — we began looking into a more sustainable weight-loss solution.

We built a team of knowledgeable and experienced nutritionists, trainers and coaches who prioritize health over immediate and often dangerous results. With our combined knowledge and personal experience, we developed a fitness program that aims to empower others without compromising their health.

This fitness journey won’t just transform your body; it will transform your life. With years of research and data behind this program, you will be able to overcome fitness obstacles and embrace a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Offer: Product being sold is a weight-loss plan for $100.

This offer includes:

  1. 8 weeks of meal plans – $200 value
  2. 50 healthy snack recipes – $200 value
  3. 8 weeks of workout plans – $300 value
  4. Admittance to private Facebook group to join the community of others on the plan – $200 value
  5. Printable planner to log meals, workouts and results – $100 value

Total value: $1,000.

BONUS: Purchase today and claim a free 30-minute consultation with one of our personal trainers!

Total price, only $100.

Partner with us to build the best “Hook, Story, Offer” framework for your business. Dream Local Digital works with businesses throughout the United States to improve conversions and marketing ROI. Get your free consultation now and access expert marketing insights!

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