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How To Build an Irresistible Offer

Building an offer your customers can’t ignore is vital to success. This boils down to the hook, story, and offer principles from Russell Brunson.

Getting your hook and story right is important. This blog will focus on the offer part of Russell Brunson’s principals.

How can you create an offer so irresistible that your target customer feels like they would be a fool not to take advantage of it? Let’s see.

Identify your offer

Your offer is the value you bring to your customer. The way your offer is presented should impact your customers’ perception of the value of your product/service. To ensure customer conversion, utilize pricing strategy, value proposition and marketing psychology.

The goal of an offer is to increase the perceived value of what is being sold, and make the thing being sold unique to you and only available in this special offer. Offer and demonstrate such a high amount of value that when you sell it for what it’s worth, it seems incredibly expensive.

You may have seen landing pages that offer packages with a bold heading “Total Value $1,500” “Today’s special offer $399.” If the package was sold for its total value, it would seem extremely expensive. But with the comparison of the “total value” versus the “special offer,” it seems like a great deal.

A successful marketer must create the right context and comparisons to convince your customer of the value for the money spent.

How to put your offer together?

What assets do you have that your target customers would want/find value in? What makes your product/service better than your competitors. Make your offer “legitimately irresistible.”

Start by making a list of anything you could give to your dream customer to help guarantee success and then from those ideas, decide what you can add to your offer. Make the value of your offer “worth 10x what you’re charging for.”

If you want to sell something for $100, add enough value that the offer is worth $1,000, and then selling it for $100 will be easy. The value is well above what the customer is paying.

To put your irresistible offer together, follow these steps:

Create Urgency – Urgency moves your leads to action. Without it, they may procrastinate and eventually forget about the offer. Business2Community reports that emails with a sense of urgency found 59% higher transaction-to-click rates. Use intentional wording such as limited stock, special offer, today only, new customers only, etc.

Increase Perceived Value – If customers are not convinced your product will produce the desired results, they will not buy it. You must increase your product or service’s Perceived Value (PV).

Increase your customer’s perception of the following:

  • Ease of use — Inform the customer of the onboarding/setup procedure. The quicker the customer can get up and running, the better.
  • Product/service quality — For physical products, communicate the quality of labor and materials. For services, communicate things like attention to detail, expertise, resources, etc.

Decrease Risk and Price Perceptions – Finally, you need to decrease your customer’s perception of the following:

  • Risk of use –This is called “risk reversal.” Offer a money-back guarantee or trial period.
  • Price — Help your customer see that the value is well above their price. This factor is influenced by how well your offer communicates the value, ease of use, and quality of your product or service.Include testimonials, reviews, case studies, and other social proofs to support the value. You could also throw in gifts, perks, or bonuses.

Demonstrate the value of your offer

So, how is this done? Let’s put together an offer for a fitness business that sells weight-loss plans as digital products.

This offer includes the following:

  • 8 weeks of meal plans – $200 value
  • 50 healthy snack recipes – $200 value
  • 8 weeks of workout plans – $300 value
  • Admittance to a private Facebook group with other people on the plan to join the community – $200 value
  • Printable planner to log meals, workouts, and results – $100 value
  • GIFT – Exercise Bands Pack of 3 – $35 value
  • Purchase this offer today and get a free 30-minute video call with one of our trainers! – $50 value

“Insert Testimonial 1 Here”

“Insert Testimonial 2 Here”

Total value: $1,085. Special offer pricing – only $100. The offer is worth over 10x the sale price! If this offer were presented to this business’s ideal customer, it would be irresistible. With some landing page and design magic, your offer will stand out and convert customers!

Consider partnering with an experienced digital marketing agency to start building your irresistible offer. Work with professionals who craft irresistible offers for clients throughout the USA. Book a free consultation to learn how we do the heavy lifting for you and boost customer conversions!

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