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I’m overwhelmed by online marketing, how do I find the time?

Social Media Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Many companies find social media and content marketing overwhelming – there are many options, and so little time and resources. And, marketing your business on social media is VERY different than in traditional media like newspapers or radio.

If you are feeling this way, the first thing to remember – is you’re in good company. Nearly all small businesses are overwhelmed by the options to market themselves online; the possibilities are so vast.

But it takes time and skill to do it effectively. At Dream Local Digital, we’ve been lucky enough to work with thousands of businesses nationwide to answer this very question. For some, it’s about helping them with their planning, and training them to make effective use of the time they can invest. For many, working with a partner like Dream Local Digital is an important extension of their team, allowing an experienced marketing team to manage their online strategy.

Whichever route you choose, walk before you run, start on the one channel that has the best opportunities for reaching your target audience, and master it before you expand.

See our recent blog posts below for some additional tips on getting on the right track:

If you have questions about how to market your business online, which social media channels are the right ones for your business, or how to get the best return on investment, contact us today to get started.

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