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Importance of Using Multiple Digital Marketing Tactics

Digital marketing is thriving. Businesses of all sizes are implementing or improving their digital marketing strategies. One strategy that is quickly distinguishing itself is multichannel marketing. How so?

Multichannel marketing tactics garner impressive results and help businesses make more money! Using more than one channel to attract and convert leads can improve your marketing ROI dramatically.

What stats back this up? And what marketing channels should you combine? Below, we discuss statistics that demonstrate just how effective a multichannel approach is.

What is multichannel marketing?

Multichannel marketing combines two or more marketing strategies to create a more consistent and accessible brand message. If you only use one channel, your brand message will never reach people who prefer a different method of communication. Marketing with various channels ensures that as many people as possible see your message.

Benefits of multichannel marketing

Customers need to see your brand’s message at least seven times before they convert. This number will likely be even higher with digital marketing competition increasing daily. So, the multichannel marketing approach can help you ensure consumers receive your marketing message consistently and regularly.

Multichannel marketing boosts conversion rates by creating a strategic and interconnected approach to reaching and engaging target audiences.

This strategy is not just effective — consumers prefer it. 72% of consumers prefer a multichannel approach when interacting with brands! This allows brands to cultivate a stronger connection with customers and establish a more memorable brand presence.

Consider these stats:

  • Higher customer retention. Businesses that take a multi-channel approach report an increase in customer retention. These rates are between 89 and 91%. A customer retention increase of just 5% can result in profit increases of 25 to 95%!

  • Satisfy customer expectations. Customers expect a multichannel approach. The majority of customers, 57% to be exact, expect businesses to provide consistent messaging on every channel. Happy and engaged customers mean higher conversion rates for you.

  • Higher marketing ROI in comparison to single-channel marketing. A more holistic marketing approach means higher conversions. 84% of marketing professionals acknowledge a multi-channel approach as more effective than a single-channel approach. Given the efficiency of this strategy, 62% of marketers have made multichannel marketing a top priority for their brand.

  • Higher engagement rates. Brands that use at least two channels for a marketing campaign see a 166% higher engagement rate!

  • Boost website traffic.  Businesses that increase their social media marketing budget can see an increase of 24% in website traffic.

Marketing channels to consider combining

You can combine channels, platforms and methods to reach your customers. These are some widely used online marketing strategies to consider combining:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Enhances organic visibility and establishes a solid online presence.

  • Email Marketing: Nurtures leads through personalized content, exclusive offers and strategic communication.

  • Social Media Marketing (SMM): Engages audiences on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, X (formerly Twitter) and LinkedIn.

  • Content Marketing: Utilizes valuable and diverse content forms such as blog posts, videos and infographics.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Combines paid advertising with SEO strategies for a comprehensive approach. This umbrella term includes a variety of marketing tactics, both paid and unpaid.

  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC): Provides immediate visibility through paid ads, targeting specific keywords and demographics. The drawback here is that your results are directly tied to the amount of money you can allocate to pay for the ads. If your budget runs out, so do your clicks and conversions.

  • Organic Marketing: Leverages natural methods to grow and engage an audience.

  • Offline Marketing: For brick-and-mortar businesses, offline strategies such as direct mail, trade shows and billboard advertisements can attract new customers and expose people to your messaging.

The above strategies can be combined or mixed and matched to attract your target audience. However, one of the best combinations is SEM and SEO. Both are powerful strategies on their own, but combining these two can achieve remarkable growth.

Combining SEO and SEM has shown a 40 to 65% increase in Click Rate on paid ads. The businesses that showed these results had a high-ranking organic link (SEO) and a paid link (SEM).

With a whopping 72% of consumers favoring this approach, it’s evident that building robust connections is both effective and necessary. The dynamic duo of SEM and SEO garner remarkable improvements in Click Rate!

Ready to achieve some of these stats yourself? Let Dream Local Digital create your multichannel marketing strategy for you so that you can focus on your business. Claim your free consultation to learn more!

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