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Improve Customer Service by Revolutionizing Internal Communication

Improve Customer Service by Revolutionizing Internal Communication

How to Revolutionize Internal Communication

Hospitals waste more than $12 billion a year due to poor communication among healthcare providers, according to a study conducted by the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business. A study by Towers Watson showed that companies with high effectiveness in change management and communication are three and a half times more likely to outperform industry competitors than less effective ones.

No matter your industry, there are ways to streamline internal communications to maximize best practices and protect your bottom line.

Setting Up a Reliable System

There are plenty of apps to help maximize your internal communications, but none will matter without a solid system in place starting with senior management. Unveiling a new sale, strategy, or workplace tool without communicating about it to your staff could result in an uproar or refusal to participate. Chart out your communication structure and back it up with one-on-one meetings with leaders. Plan trickle down meetings with support staff. Listen to feedback and ensure your new agenda aligns with the overall company needs and culture. Combine your new reliable communication procedures with tools and apps to streamline the logistics.

Embrace Video

Internal communications doesn’t have to be restricted to email and phone calls. Hop on video calls with tools like Skype or GoToMeetings for HD quality video chats. Set up a video conference call to ensure you don’t miss any nuances that are tricky to pick-up by email.

Your team is probably already using tools that can easily be turned into a video conference. Google Hangouts has long been popular for instant messaging and sharing images, but can also host a video call for up to 10 people. Share the live call with other employees, record it for later, or share your screen to show documents as needed.

Innovate the Group Chat

The market is always releasing new products to help your business keep an eye on its bottom line instead of worrying about internal communications. Try Hipchat and build a room to talk about specific topics from onboarding client techniques to discussing a new project. Try Campfire if your team uses different types of computers and mobile devices that might otherwise clash on a Mac or PC native tool. Password protect your group chats and organize new internal initiatives without the need for lots of in-person meetings or emails.

Switch to the Cloud

Your internal communication tools should be easily accessible from the cloud and not tied to a single location or office. The cloud makes it simple to access internal communications from the road, while working remotely in another state, or to access old chats to refer back to important policies and procedures.

Aspect Zipwire offers cloud-based call center software complete with mobile self-service, inbound and outbound voice, email, SMS and video interactions. It can be set up to help with customer interactions or used for internal office needs. And because most cloud-based tools are hosted and run by an external company, it can scale with your business needs and has the ability to add on customizations to meet your growth.

Kick the Email Addiction

Working out the kinks with your internal communication will largely impact your bottom line. Not only will your company have more time to focus on clients and sales than what the latest office email said, but they’ll cut day-to-day time waste. That could lead to more hours, less stress, and better answers to make your company a stronger unified front.

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