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Just In Time For Christmas Shopping… Pinterest Becomes Business-Friendly

Tips for Using Pinterest to Enhance Your Business

by Alyssa McCluskey

Pinterest is the ideal channel for creating a Christmas list.  When we see a friend or acquaintance pin something cool, we think to ourselves “Is that something I would want?”  If the answer is “yes,” we re-pin.  If we’re not interested, we move on to find things that we like better.  The site is great for e-commerce, simply because this is a channel where we go to find things that we want.  Price isn’t really a concern when it comes to pinning; it’s all about inspiration and ideas.

Screenshot of Pinterest for Business page

With this in mind, Pinterest has chosen the perfect time to introduce Pinterest for Business.  As the holiday season approaches, businesses may now easily create profiles in order to promote their products.  Before this tool, companies took their business to Pinterest by creating a regular account for their brand.  However, the Pinterest layout is geared toward individual users.  While a number of companies found great success by bringing their businesses to Pinterest, there was still room to improve for the social media website.

Infographic for Pinterest business strategies

What can I do now?

  • Connect with customers.  Just as Facebook users can follow business pages by “liking” them, Pinterest users can follow companies that sell some of their favorite products.
  • Bring their products to customers.  There are approximately 2.2 million active Pinterest users daily; this popular social media channel opens up the possibility for companies to reach out to their customers easily.
  • Retain visitors to their websites.  Pinterest users can easily go back to links after they are pinned.  Therefore, they are more likely to return to a company’s website and are more likely to purchase items.

As e-commerce becomes more and more popular for holiday shopping, Pinterest is sure to become a huge player for companies.  Visit for more information on getting your business on Pinterest.

Don’t wait… Get going before the holiday shopping ends!  To learn more about using Pinterest for Business and other ideas for social media and online marketing, follow us on Pinterest.

For more information, training, or to help your company put a strategy behind Pinterest and other social media channels, or your overall online marketing, contact Dream Local Digital today and we can discuss the goals your company wants to achieve, and how we can help.

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