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Marketing Myths You Need to Leave Behind

Marketing Myths You Need to Leave Behind

Leave these myths behind as you plan your marketing.

The scientific approach to marketing is the most efficient way to run a campaign. This means if your data shows that something isn’t working, it’s time to learn from it and identify ways you can fix or improve your existing strategy. Whether it’s content, SEO, or inbound marketing, we’ve got some tips on some marketing myths that might be dragging your business down.

Myth #1: You Need More Content

Content marketing is a classic struggle between quantity and quality. If you attempt to generate a flood of content to make your social channels more active, you run the risk of publishing content that isn’t up to your company’s standards, nor those of your customers. Nothing will lose an audience faster than giving them content they aren’t asking for.

Looking at the metrics for your past posts will give you insight into the kind of content your audience wants to engage with. Also research the content marketing strategies that other businesses in your industry use successfully. Do you have written content that proved engaging in the past? Turn it into an infographic or a video. Identifying what constitutes appropriate content for your channels takes a bit of trial and error, but once you discover a formula that works, use it consistently.

Myth #2: Inbound Marketing is a Singular Role

As a business owner, it’s easy (and appealing) to think that your inbound marketing efforts can be handled by a single person. Maybe if your campaign is in its infancy, one person can get the ball rolling. However, the large scale of such an undertaking can quickly make itself known, leaving your poor employee overwhelmed and under a lot of pressure to generate results.

A serious inbound marketing campaign should be a team effort, utilizing the specific expertise of multiple staff members to cover all aspects of your campaign. Inbound marketing is an amalgam of digital media, business strategy, social media, search engine optimization, and data analysis, plus a variety of other special ingredients. No one person is an expert in all those disciplines, which makes it that much more vital that you build a team to support your inbound marketing efforts.

Myth #3: Keywords Are the End-All, Be-All of SEO

Search engine optimization requires constant adjustment to change. Every day, thousands of Google engineers work on optimizing their search engine. They are constantly recalibrating the Google search algorithm to make it more efficient and accurate, which can make it challenging for businesses to keep up. Case in point: there was a time when specific keywords were the literal key to increasing your search rank. Today, this is no longer the case. The search algorithm is sophisticated enough to be able to use natural language processing, allowing it to look for similar words and phrases that might better reflect the way people are expressing their search queries. With this change comes search results “punishment” for using too many of the same keywords in an attempt to increase page ranking, a practice known as “keyword-stuffing.”

Are you finding that your digital marketing is based more on myth than fact? We can help you evaluate your strategy to pinpoint areas for improvement based on modern marketing tools that work. Dream Local Digital has its ear to the ground when it comes to changes and trends. Let us share that knowledge and foresight with you and your business. Contact us today.

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