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Mastering The Dream 100 Marketing Strategy

The Dream 100 strategy, created by Chet Holmes and used by ClickFunnels Founder Russell Brunson, is a method to locate and access where your target clientele spend their time online. This strategic approach to networking and relationships fosters valuable media exposure and brand recognition.

So, how can your business make the most of this strategy and maximize conversions? Let’s find out!

The Dream 100 Strategy

The Dream 100 Strategy is about identifying and fostering relationships with the top 100 individuals or businesses in your niche or industry. These are the people, communities or organizations that have a large following, influence or existing customer base.

These businesses and individuals may include:

  • Top media outlets in your niche

  • Influencers on social media

  • Group chats and forums

  • Podcast hosts

  • Guest bloggers

  • Newsletters

  • Top 100 SEO keywords

This strategy enables you to access your ideal or dream customer by aligning with leaders, influencers and businesses they already know and trust. Think of a good friend introducing you to a client vs. a cold call. The Dream 100 enables this introduction to be more effective.

This strategy considers the following questions:

  1. Who is your dream customer?

  1. Where does this customer congregate online?

  1. Who already has my dream customer? (Facebook groups, influencers my dream customer follows, podcasts they listen to, etc.)

  1. How do I market directly to my dream customer?

Landing one dream customer can open the floodgates to many more. So unlocking the first one is vital! As Russell Brunson explains in his “The Dream 100” video, “One yes opens up a thousand yeses.”

The Dream 100: Earned, Owned and Paid Media

  • Earned Media – Earned media is the gold standard of media exposure. This is attention, mentions or coverage your business gets without directly asking or paying for it. The Dream 100 strategy improves your odds of gaining earned media through fostering relationships. As you provide value to these Dream 100 relationships, your odds of earning media improve. Nurturing relationships with your Dream 100 opens doors to a world of earned media that money can’t buy.


  • Owned Media – Owned media includes the  platforms and channels you control, e.g., your website, social media profiles, or email lists. Optimizing these channels to showcase your connections and collaborations with the industry’s top players adds credibility. It also piques the interest of your audience, leading to increased trust and conversions. By integrating your Dream 100 relationships into your owned media, you solidify your position as a trustworthy and authoritative figure in your niche.

  • Paid Media – Paid advertising can be used to reach a broader audience and amplify the impact of your Dream 100 partnerships. You could create targeted Facebook or Instagram ads featuring endorsements or collaborations with your Dream 100 connections. This boosts brand visibility and capitalizes on the trust and authority associated with your partners. Paid media can help you track and measure the success of your Dream 100 efforts. You can monitor the performance of your paid campaigns and determine which partnerships yield the best results, then refine your strategy for maximum impact.

Mastering The Dream 100 Strategy

Now that you have a grasp of what The Dream 100 Strategy entails, it’s time to put it into action. Here’s a guide to get started:

Identify whom to target: Research and compile a list of the top individuals or businesses in your industry. Try to imagine them in vivid detail, making them as real as possible. These should be the players who can make a significant impact on your business when you connect with them.

Build your sales funnel: Now that you know whom to target, you need a great sales funnel. This asset will convert visitors into leads and eventually leads into paying customers.

Identify where to target: Now you’re ready to use your funnel. Identify your Dream 100 locations/channels where your dream customers congregate. You can start with 10 websites, 10 social media account/groups, 20 influencer, 10 podcasts, 10 blogs, 20 newsletters and 20 YouTube channels. These locations should be relevant to your niche and customers.

Infiltrate: Begin building genuine relationships and connections with the businesses and people who control these channels and locations. Identify and connect with key decision-makers. You can focus on turning these people into fans so they naturally promote you. Or you can pay to get publicity and sponsorships. The choice is yours.

Use paid media: Not every relationship will work out naturally and foster earned media. Some key decision-makers simply won’t respond or don’t have time to allocate to building a relationship. In these cases, buy your way in. This may involve paid ads, influencer deals or paid sponsorships.

Follow up and guide leads to your offer: Now that you have your leads — and they recognize you and your brand — send them an email sequence to guide them to your offer. Your email marketing should be persuasive and value oriented.

Take action now to propel your business growth and brand recognition, elevating your lead strategy to new heights. Book a free consultation with Dream Local Digital for expert guidance on implementing The Dream 100 Strategy in your business today.

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