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Media Companies: Now is the Time

I’ve been so impressed with many media companies creating very unique approaches to help your communities and businesses: The Record Journal launched it’s AMP program and the #RJUnited campaign, Beasley Media Group launched the We are All In This Together campaign in their markets and a webinar series, The Light Digital is hosting a virtual networking event, Stronger Together, this evening with several chambers, and at Dream Local Digital we’ve been doing webinars for many of our partners helping hundreds of businesses. Our advertisers need to reinvent themselves in this new economy, and so do each of us.

Now is the time.

We saw in the recession of 2008-2009, that when advertisers cut their traditional budgets, they did not put them all back where they had been before as the economy started to recover. They tested a wide variety of digital options, and as you’ve likely seen in Borrell Associates data, they felt lost doing it. And, to a large extent they still do. Dream Local Digital was born during this time, helping fill the demand that media companies could not on their own. And we will see that again. Local businesses are seeking lower-cost solutions like e-commerce, advertising or posting on social media, and search as options that are going to be an important part of that mix. We’ve been seeing it with our direct business, our partner business, and today’s article in DigiDay is an important read for you:

Local advertisers’ reliance on Google and Facebook grows during coronavirus crisis

Now is the time.

  • If you’ve been struggling to prioritize this because you have a million other things to sell, I get it. But now is the time to address that
  • If you’ve been worried that your team doesn’t have the training to be successful, now is the time to ask us to help you fix it – and for you to prioritize the time, compensation and incentives for the training to be successful
  • If you’re thinking the margins for you don’t work and you’re only selling digital marketing services to clients that ask for it, I would be happy to work with you to figure that out, because you must
  • Because small businesses need your help, now, with new mobile friendly websites and e-commerce, social media posting and advertising, search engine optimization, email strategies and advertising campaigns. They need a solution provider that is strategic and will work with them and you to drive return on investment

In media, this market share was ours to lose, and Dream Local Digital was started with the sole purpose of helping media companies build their future revenue streams. Whatever obstacle has been holding you back from working toward 50%+ of your revenue being digital needs to be removedYour clients are changing their habits with where they are going to spend money right now, and you want to be there with digital solutions. Whatever priority setting challenges you’ve had with this product line in the past needs to be overcome. And, whatever efforts you have been making in this area needs to be doubled or tripled. We are here to help you.

Now is the time. 

Let’s work on your plan, together. For those of you we’re already working on your plans, GREAT. I hope this encourages you to make it a very high priority for your organization. For those of you we haven’t yet started or would like any help, please message me. We are here for you!

– Shannon Kinney
Founder & Client Success Officer
Dream Local Digital

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