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Native Advertising Is Just a Relevant Advertisement

Native Advertising is Purchased Engaging Content

Content marketing is a form of native advertising. Brands seeking to engage with customers and expand their reach online purchase ads on search engines, social networking sites, and blogs to boost viewership in relevant arenas. One example is the paid search results that attach themselves to key terms in a user search and are thusly relevant to the searcher’s needs while still being a paid advertisement. Another example would be a promoted tweet that highlights news or information relevant to the user’s search. Today I reviewed my saved search for Social Media News and popped up a promoted post from Marissa Mayer of Yahoo! about their acquisition of Tumblr:

In the form of content marketing, native advertising is businesses on the web offering curated content that is directly related to their business and industry in order to offer something of value while promoting their brand. It’s an advertisement and part of their sales funnel, however it does offer something of value for free while it promotes the business.

Just Plain Good Advertising

Native advertising isn’t exclusive to the web. TV commercials are the truest form of native advertising, as they provide some entertainment between shows while promoting their product or service. It could even be said that the term native could be interchanged with “just plain good” advertising. The more thoughtful and targeted an advertisement is, the more effective it is. In that sense, native advertising is thoughtful advertising created for a specific market that takes the format of the medium and user experience into account.

Online marketing and social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, are aggressively pursuing new ways to tap into their vast user bases to monetize them primarily through new forms of native advertising. You’ll notice a lot more suggestions in your news feeds these days, a direct result of this effort. Businesses and brands are able to choose demographics which they think are most closely linked with the products they are selling and market only to them. As databases grow with each online transaction we make and Like we click, businesses are better able to target the customers who are most likely to buy. Beyond reaching these customers directly, the viral effect of social media, enables further sharing and online word-of-mouth marketing that money can’t buy. We’re in the infancy of social media native advertising and lots of things that are out there today may not be there tomorrow. But the power of this data and these social platforms is not going away, and the closer marketers can get to their customers using these platforms, the more marketing dollars will flow from traditional advertising to digital.

To sum it up: Get native! If you aren’t targeting your advertising dollars to specific segments and creating unique, useful, and engaging content on the web… you are wasting your budget. 

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