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New Ad Options Coming to Instagram


Meta, parent company to Facebook and Instagram, has seen its first-ever decline in quarterly revenue. However, the tech giant has been experimenting with the Instagram feed and plans to soon release two new advertising tools with the goals of expanding marketers’ options and boosting its own revenue.

After the initial testing phase, Meta plans to release these tools worldwide in the coming months. Read on to find out how they can benefit your business.

What are the two new Instagram ad tools?

The two new tools are Reminder Ads and Promoted Ads in Search Results.

  • Reminder AdsReminder ads make is easier for businesses to stay top of mind through reminder notifications. This tool lets businesses and digital marketers announce upcoming events, sales or launches to boost awareness. Users can opt in to receive reminder notifications one day before, 15 minutes before, and at the time of the event. These alerts will show on the user’s lock screen and in-app. Instagram reports that reminder ads are rolling out to all advertisers as an option in feed “to help advertisers build awareness, anticipation, and consideration for upcoming moments.”
  • Promoted Ads in Search Results – Promoted ads in search results will show advertisements when a user searches Instagram for a business, product, or specific content. Instagram reports “Ads will show up in the feed that people can scroll when they tap into a post from search results.” For example, if users search for “book recommendations,” they will see relevant advertisements in their results. This tool will be useful for all businesses and will make Instagram marketing more effective.

Instagram marketing potential and demographics

Instagram currently boasts over 2.35 billion active users and is estimated to reach 2.5 billion monthly active users (MAU) at the end of 2023. If Instagram reaches this number, it will be the fourth most popular social media channel worldwide.

Most Instagram users are 18 to 24 years old (Gen Z or millennials). And 50.7% of all users are male; 49.3% are female. However, these gender demographics will look different soon due to Instagram releasing the preferred pronoun options for users to specify their gender.

In terms of location, India has the most users, roughly 16% of the Instagram audience. The U.S. is a close second.

In 2023, Instagram’s ad revenue is projected to be $39.7 billion, a 19.4% increase from the previous year. And Instagram expects to see even more growth in its ad revenue, partly due to the new tools mentioned above.

How can digital marketers and business owners use these new Instagram ad tools?

The full scope and use of these two new tools are yet to be seen. However, reminder ads will allow businesses and marketers to maintain users’ interest. This tool will attract potential leads to your business and help you cultivate interest.

Promoted ads in search will help businesses and markets get their products discovered by new leads. This feature may work with local SEO.

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