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How the New Facebook Algorithm Will Affect Small Businesses & Media Companies


Businesses everywhere are now concerned about how the latest Facebook algorithm update will affect their visibility to their fans. Facebook recently revamped how posts, videos, and photos are ranked in users’ news feeds. The social media network is prioritizing what friends and family say over what businesses are posting.


So how will these changes directly affect you? Small businesses will need to work harder to reach their ideal audiences. In this video, Dream Local Digital Founder and Client Success Officer Shannon Kinney highlights the effect on small businesses:

To summarize, small businesses must continue to think about how they can stay relevant and generate engagement on the platform. Here are our tips:

  • Avoid posting click bait content. Instead, focus on posts that engage with your followers.
  • Post content that sparks meaningful conversations. This type of interaction will be valued more than likes and other reactions.
  • Leverage email and customer lists to better target your audience (this can also be used in a lookalike paid advertising strategy to gain visibility with people who are most like your current contacts).
  • Encourage your followers to modify their news feed settings so they are able to control what they see first and can prioritize your posts.
  • Increase ad budgets and work with a firm that has a deep understanding of this platform.
  • Participate in Facebook Live or post other videos because these are an effective way to gain attention.


Are you a media company wondering how this will affect you? Check out this video to learn what this means for you:

To summarize, media companies should focus on building email lists and sharing meaningful content. Here are our tips:

  • Focus on content that inspires meaningful engagement and conversations, particularly comments since these types of interactions between people will be valued more than likes and reactions.
  • Remind your readers that they can select your brand show up first in their feed in newsfeed preferences.
  • Build your email lists and reinvigorate your newsletter strategy. Use the lists to also create target audiences on Facebook.
  • Leverage paid options on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Consider if Facebook groups would be a good option for you.
  • Create video content that drives high engagement. Experiment with Facebook Live or Facebook’s new Watch platform.

At Dream Local Digital we work with thousands of small businesses nationwide to help them reach new customers. We are currently tracking this Facebook algorithm change closely and we are working with Facebook directly to help our clients be successful on this platform.


If you have any questions about how this will affect your business, get in touch with us. We’re happy to further discuss this with you and share any follow-up information as the story evolves.

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