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New LinkedIn Analytics Help Businesses Measure ROI


Although LinkedIn has offered basic business page analytics in the past, nothing of that nature compares to the recent addition of the comprehensive analytics page. Parsed out into data that directly relates to marketing outcome and measurable content that can be downloaded into a foolproof *cough* marketing analyst *cough* report.

If you’re an admin interested in proving ROI – start at the bottom of the page to see how your business page outperforms other businesses in the same industry. That’s a good place to start your report. You’re going to look like a genius at the top of that competitive list.


Now we scroll back up the page and take a good look at follower demographics. The data gives you several key measurables to determine whether your business is reaching your target on LinkedIn. Not only will you get a sense of age and location, industry and interests, you will get the authority level of followers’ current employment and decision making ability within the company – driving you to the perfect clients for B2B marketing. It’s a beautiful thing. Unless of course most of your clients are entrepreneurs whose employment statuses may vary widely.


Finally, you saw this when you logged in. At the top of the page we find post analytics and opportunities to measure the all-important engagement and reach trend of your content. If this looks like a craggy mountain scape, like mine does, the good news is, you have developed a presence at all! The bad news is, you are all over the place. Time to reign in the content mix.

Last but not least, the best way to boost your business page content out to a wider audience and increase reach is to promote the page through LinkedIn’s new business page ads or promoted posts. But the insights on that are for another blog.

How is your business faring with the new look and analytics available on LinkedIn? Comment below.

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