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Notice The New “Voice” Option on Facebook?

A Look into the New Facebook Feature

By Alyssa McCluskey

dream local digital Facebook page voice optionIf you’re in control of more than one Facebook page, you may have noticed a new setting that lets you quickly change to a different “voice.” This new Voice option shows up at the top of the window, just underneath the Facebook logo. The message states, “You are posting, commenting, and liking as (insert page name),” and then gives you the option to change back to yourself.

Easily Switch Voices Back and Forth

Business owners and individuals managing Facebook business pages will find that this is a very helpful improvement to the social network. For a while, many business owners struggled with understanding how they could comment or “like” Facebook posts on their business’s wall as their business instead of themselves. They frequently forgot to switch their names to the business’s name, ultimately posting a comment as themselves by accident. It used to take a little more navigating just to send a quick reply to someone’s comment. However, Administrators now have their names immediately switched over when they reach their business’s page. It’s quicker, easier, and much less of a hastle.

Better Social Media Management

Luckily, the Voice option won’t change you completely over to the business. You can still view your own Home page by clicking “Home,” and you can still click on your own name to see your Wall. By going to “Edit Page” and “Use Facebook as…”, you can be completely changed over to the business, if you so desire. With any luck, this will help Administrators of Facebook pages to more efficiently and more easily manage their business through the social network.

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