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Paid Advertising Strategies To Boost Your Website Traffic

Paid advertising is one of the top ways to bring traffic to your website. Its power cannot be overstated.

While owned and earned media have their place, paid media is the fastest way to get your message in front of people. Whether you are selling products/services or growing an email list, paid advertisements can help.

This blog post will delve into the top paid advertising strategies that can substantially boost your website traffic.

Google and Facebook

We begin with the undeniable titans of the digital advertising realm: Google and Facebook. According to a recent survey of 1,440 marketers, these platforms reign supreme, with 87% of respondents utilizing both giants.

Google, identified by 44% of marketers, takes the lead as the top-performing digital advertising platform, promising a higher return on ad spend (ROAS) than any other contender.

Facebook follows closely, with 25% of marketers singing its praises for delivering the highest ROAS. And 54.2% of individuals use their Facebook account to follow brands or research products.

What makes Google and Facebook so unique? These platforms are contextual powerhouses, enabling advertisers to connect with potential customers during high-intent moments. They ensure an exceptional user experience by prioritizing highly relevant content, making them indispensable marketing tools.

Instagram and TikTok

Close on the heels of Google and Facebook, Instagram emerges as a force to be reckoned with. Boasting an 80% usage rate among surveyed marketers, Instagram is popular and practical, with 9% considering it their top-performing advertising platform. With similar targeting abilities to Facebook, Instagram is a valuable channel for effectively reaching and engaging your audience.

TikTok has swiftly emerged as the “next big thing in digital advertising.” A quarter of marketers surveyed expressed their intent to explore TikTok, underlining the platform’s growing significance. TikTok’s secret sauce lies in its advanced machine learning system, creating a personalized video feed that engages users. Marketers recognize its potential to reach the platform’s billion monthly users with content that genuinely resonates.


YouTube paid ads are a potent avenue for boosting website traffic. As the second-largest search engine globally, YouTube offers unparalleled visibility, allowing your content to reach a massive audience.

With precise targeting options, engaging ad formats, and clickable calls to action (CTAs), YouTube ads seamlessly guide users from video content to your website. The platform’s detailed analytics and remarketing features enable strategic optimization, ensuring cost-effective advertising.

YouTube’s alignment with Google in creating educational content makes it a solid addition to a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Overall, YouTube paid ads provide a dynamic and effective means to drive targeted traffic and achieve your marketing goals.

Crafting your paid ad campaigns using a strategic approach

So, now you are ready to begin using paid media! How do you put the pedal to the metal, so to speak? Start by defining your audience with precision. Understand who they are, what they seek and where they spend their digital time. What message would they want to hear and why? How does your product or service help them? And why should they care?

Once you have that information, you can begin creating the actual ad. You could offload your paid media campaigns to a marketing partner or do them yourself.

If you choose to do them yourself, start by becoming familiar with the ad manager of your chosen channel(s). Then, follow these steps:

  1. Set a clear objective(s).

  1. Complete your keyword research.

  1. Write persuasive copy and call to action (CTA).

  1. Choose the format or design of your ad.

  1. Consider leveraging ad extensions (Google).

  1. Define your target audience, including demographics, interests and digital behavior. For Facebook, you will need to set ad placement.

  1. Optimize your landing page.

  1. Track conversions.

  1. Set ad schedule and budget.

  1. Submit ad for review (Facebook) or launch ad.

  1. Monitor, improve and reiterate.

Certain steps or settings may be unique to either Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, or Google, but these steps give you the basic foundation to get started. And keep in mind, marketing campaigns that achieve the best results utilize multiple channels.

Tracking and measuring results are critical components of any successful campaign. Utilize the analytics tools the advertising platforms provide to gain insights into user behavior, conversion rates and other vital metrics. Launch your campaign and closely monitor the results. Optimization is ongoing, so be ready to make data-driven adjustments for better outcomes.

When strategically executed, paid advertising can be a game-changer for website traffic. If you choose to work with a strategic marketing partner, schedule a free marketing consultation. At Dream Local Digital, we help businesses across the U.S. boost their website traffic and conversions.

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