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Pinterest: Fastest Growing Website in History!


Pinterest: Fastest Growing Website in History

By Shannon Kinney

At Dream Local Digital, we’ve received a lot of questions about a new social network called Pinterest.  The site recently reached 10 million unique users faster than any other standalone site according to comScore. The site now boasts nearly 12 million unique monthly U.S. visitors, and can be a bit addictive. As we mentioned in the last issue, the site enables users to clip images of things they like. Bookmarking sites like Digg and have been popular for many years, but are text and article based. Pinterest emphasizes pictures over text, and allows users to “pin” images they like and share them with friends by “repinning” across the site or other networks. Not only has the site been the fastest to reach the 10 million mark in history, those users are spending a considerable amount of time on the site. In fact, Facebook and Tumblr are the only social media sites that have more time on site than Pinterest. This is one to watch.

How can businesses and organizations use Pinterest? 

If your business lends itself to a visual presentation, and your message is something you want shared virally, Pinterest can be a terrific tool. For artists, jewelers, photogaphers, people in the fashion industry, home decorating and many more it’s a powerful and easy to use way to showcase your work. Users that like it will “pin it” and therefore show it to all of their friends, many of whom may also “pin it” and your message is spread. For experts in their field, it is a good way to illustrate your knowledge, gain credibility and exposure. For those of us in the information business, infographics are a very effective way to communicate on the site, and you can see several on social media on my page at It’s not right for everyone yet, but there is tremendous potential here.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Pinterest can work for your business, contact Dream Local Digital today. 

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