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Planning Your Dream Wedding Just Got Easier

Pinterest Should be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

By Alyssa McCluskey

Yes, there’s an app for that. On August 14, 2012 Pinterest officially launched both Android and iPad apps, as well as an updated version of its iPhone app. This new development was announced at a summer party at Pinterest’s new San Francisco headquarters. Pinterest specifically designed its app to be as user-friendly as possible for Android users, offering these users the best possible experience.

So is this just a way for people to design their ideal homes, plan their dream weddings, and pin cool craft ideas that will never actually get done?

Not necessarily. Many companies have noticed the growing popularity of Pinterest and have likewise begun creating profiles for themselves. Small- and medium-sized businesses would do well to follow this trend.

Using Pinterest as a Business

pinterest wedding page

Here are a few tips for companies starting to use Pinterest:

  • Make sure your business matches Pinterest’s criteria – The site is filled with images of clothing options, recipes, and craft ideas. If your company sells room décor items, for example, like tables, chairs, couches, beds, and bathroom equipment, Pinterest is right for you. If your company sells John Deere tractors, Pinterest may not be a good fit.
  • Organization is important – Pinterest is a visual social media site, which means it’s important for things to look good. Organizing boards and pins in a way that makes them look neat and tidy will improve your appeal.
  • Connect Pinterest to one of your other social media outlets – Facebook and Twitter have a huge number of users. By connecting your new Pinterest account to your Facebook or Twitter, more people will see what you’re posting on Pinterest.
  • Invest your time – We know it’s tough finding time in your busy schedule when you have a business to run, but putting in some time on Pinterest is important if this strategy is going to succeed!

Luckily, Dream Local Digital can help with that last point. We manage your online marketing so you can manage your business. Get in touch with us today to schedule a marketing consultation. 

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