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Proven Strategies To Build Your Email and SMS Lists

List building is the lifeblood of your digital marketing efforts. It’s the key to connecting with your audience, nurturing relationships and ultimately driving conversions.

In today’s blog, we explore what list building is, why it’s essential, and some of the best strategies to get started, including webinars, lead magnets and challenges. Let’s get started!

What is list building?

List building collects your target audience’s contact information, primarily email and phone numbers. This information forms your “list” or database of potential customers, allowing you to engage with them through email or text.

If you have an existing customer database that collects emails and phone numbers, you may be able to leverage this asset to begin your list-building. Of course, your customers need to have given you permission to communicate marketing messages to them. Ensure your business follows FTC laws and regulations.

Why does your business need a list?

People can’t buy a product or service they don’t know exists. Your list solves this dilemma by directly connecting to your audience. It’s like having a room full of people who have willingly raised their hands and said, “I’m interested in what you have to offer.”

This list empowers you to nurture relationships, provide value and convert leads into loyal customers. It’s your secret weapon in the world of digital marketing. A solid email or SMS list will ultimately improve conversions and revenue.

How to build your list?

In a recent podcast, entrepreneur and founder of ClickFunnels Russel Brunson provided insights on building a solid list that drives profits.

His main suggestion for profit growth is to build great initial and follow-up funnels. Your initial funnel can help build your list and attract leads, but your follow-up funnel reduces customer acquisition costs and has an even bigger impact on profits. These funnels can use any of the tactics mentioned below.

To begin building your list, consider using one or more of these tactics:

  • Webinars
    Webinars have become a cornerstone of list building in digital marketing. Hosting a webinar lets you showcase your expertise and provide valuable content to your audience. You can offer free registration to those interested in attending.

  • Lead Magnets
    A lead magnet is an irresistible piece of content that you offer in exchange for someone’s email address. This can be an e-book, checklist, template or any other valuable resource that aligns with your audience’s interests.

    For instance, if you’re a digital marketing agency, you could offer a “10-Step Guide To Boosting Your Online Presence” in return for email sign-ups. Once you have their email, you can continue nurturing the relationship and providing valuable insights.

  • Challenges
    Russel Brunson praises the efficiency of challenge funnels and encourages businesses to use this powerful list-building tool. Challenges are a fantastic way to engage your audience and build your list. These short-term programs encourage participants to take actionable steps toward a specific goal while creating a sense of community and commitment.

    To join the challenge, participants typically need to provide their contact information. Throughout the challenge, you can send them daily or weekly updates, keeping them engaged and, eventually, converting them into loyal customers.

The power of owned media

Your website, blog and social media channels are invaluable assets for list building. These platforms can drive traffic and help you engage with your audience.

Owned media gives you control over your content. It’s a long-term asset that is cost-effective and enables exclusive audience engagement. Linking to your owned media can reinforce your online presence and expand your list.

Tying everything together

All these list-building strategies are like pieces of a puzzle. Combining webinars, lead magnets, challenges and the wisdom of experts like Russell Brunson creates a comprehensive and effective digital marketing strategy. The key is to continually engage with your list, providing value and building trust.

List-building shouldn’t be a one-time thing for your business. Your list is dynamic, with subscribers entering and leaving over time. Keep refining your strategies, experimenting with new ideas, and staying up to date on the latest digital marketing trends.

If you’re ready to take your digital marketing game to the next level, Dream Local Digital is here to help. We offer a free marketing consultation to assess your current strategies and provide tailored advice on improving your list-building efforts.

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