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Reaching Your Audience With Text Message Marketing: A Game-Changer for Digital Marketers

Getting your message and offer in front of your target audience is key to driving business success and growth. That being said, as of 2023, 7.33 billion people have mobile phones. So what’s the best way to reach your customers or leads? Well, some may argue it’s SMS marketing.

Text message marketing is a powerful tool not to be overlooked by businesses and expert marketers. In this blog, we will cover what SMS marketing is, how it works, and the benefits it provides businesses. Let’s get started. 

What Is Text Message Marketing?

Text message marketing, otherwise known as Short Message Service (SMS) marketing, is a powerful and direct communication channel that involves sending promotional messages and updates to your audience via text messages. It leverages phone numbers to deliver short, concise messages to your subscribers’ mobile devices. If you choose to implement SMS marketing in your overall strategy, follow the text message laws and regulations.

Benefits of Text Message Marketing

Now, let’s delve into the many advantages that text message marketing brings to the table:

  1. Quickly Deliver Time-Sensitive Messages: SMS marketing is lightning fast. You can instantly reach your audience with time-sensitive information, such as flash sales, limited-time offers or event reminders. In a world where every second counts, this immediacy is a game-changer for your marketing strategy.

  1. Ease of Use: Implementing text message marketing is straightforward. Most platforms offer user-friendly interfaces, and you don’t need extensive technical knowledge to get started.

  1. Tailor Ads for Better Engagement: Text message marketing allows you to segment your audience and tailor messages accordingly. This means you can send highly relevant content to specific groups, increasing the chances of engagement and conversion. Personalized marketing content and ads perform much better than generic content.

  1. Send Coupons and Special Offers: SMS marketing is an excellent channel for distributing exclusive coupons and special offers to your subscribers. This can incentivize purchases and foster loyalty among your current customer base.

  1. High Conversion Rates: SMS open rates are as high as 98%, and a survey has shown that 38% to 50% of customers are influenced to make a purchase after receiving an SMS message. This statistic underscores the effectiveness of SMS marketing in driving conversions.

How Does Text Message Marketing Work?

Text message marketing operates on a simple, user-friendly platform. Here’s a breakdown of how it typically works:

  • Build Your Subscriber List: To start your SMS marketing campaign, you’ll need to build a list of subscribers who have opted in to receive your messages. This can be done with an online sign-up form, in-store sign-up, or by asking customers to text a keyword to a designated number to subscribe.

  • Craft and Send Messages: Once you have your subscription list, create and send messages. These messages can include promotions, product updates, event invitations and more. Short and sweet is the name of the game here. Messages are typically brief, as SMS has a character limit.

  • Schedule and Deliver: You can schedule when your messages are sent. This is particularly useful for timing messages to coincide with specific events, holidays or promotions. Messages are then delivered directly to your subscribers’ mobile devices.

Be cautious of texting customers too frequently, as this is listed as customers’ No. 1 annoyance with business texts.

Ready to explore the potential of text message marketing for your business? Get expert guidance on crafting successful SMS campaigns and marketing automation from Dream Local Digital. Schedule a free consultation with our team today and discover the power of SMS marketing to connect with your audience and drive results.

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