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Share Some Love by Saying Thanks

Give Thanks Share Some Love by Saying Thank You

How do you react when you feel appreciated? Do you feel a little warmer inside? Is there a little extra pep in your step? How do you respond to the person who made you feel that way?  If someone earnestly expresses appreciation for something you did, don’t you want to do it again?

From another perspective, as a business owner — as a human being — don’t you want the people you interact with every day, including customers, to feel that way?

Be Personal in an Impersonal World

Expressing thanks, gratitude or appreciation in an Internet-driven world is a little different. We need to find online equivalents to the friendly smile and a hearty “Thanks for stopping by!” that work so well at the neighborhood store. The original idea for this article was to create a list of fun and practical ways to use social media and online marketing to express thanks. But the truth is, there are thousands of ways — maybe millions — to say thanks and show appreciation, each as unique as the person expressing the sentiment.

Every time someone comments on a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram post, you have an opportunity to say “Thanks,” whether it’s thanks for taking the time to write, thanks for joining the conversation, even thanks for your constructive criticism. The simple act of engaging with people who’ve chosen to engage with you is a way to express appreciation.

Share What Your Customers Say


Small Thanks Give Thanks Share Some Love by Saying Thank You
Google offers free marketing materials highlighting reviews through their #SmallThanks with Google initiative.

When people review your products or service on sites like Yelp, Angie’s List or Houzz, you can say thanks by acknowledging them and by using them as testimonials (with permission) on your website or in your social media content.

If you have repeat customers or customers who’ve spent a lot of money for your service or product, a personal email or hand-written note might be appropriate. And, of course, you can hand out coupons, loyalty-program discounts or promotional items to say thanks. Some businesses make charitable donations in the names of their customers. Others make thank-you videos, which can express an appreciative smile and present a friendly voice.

If you’re thankful for your customers, your website visitors and your social media followers, you’ll figure out a way to show it. And when you’re sincere, they’ll get the idea, even if it’s something simple. By the way, thanks for taking a few minutes to read to the end. Here are some articles with good ideas for saying thanks:

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