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Shorter BuzzFeed – The 3 Most Creative Instagram Accounts of 2013

My Short, Sweet, and To-The-Point List

BuzzFeed’s numerous and lengthy ‘best of’ and ‘top’ lists are often overwhelming. Awesome yes, but sometimes just too long. In most cases I do not need ‘23 Reasons to Drink More Wine’ or ‘32 Reasons We’re Still in Love With Britney Spears.’ Sometimes I only need one reason, or maybe three.

Thus, in the best interests of the time challenged reader, I’ve tackled my latest list, ‘The Top 20 Creative Instagram Accounts of 2013’ and narrowed it down to three.

#1. payphones

As payphones become scarce, Dan Marker-Moore’s project captures images submitted by users around the world.

 #2. nickgentryart

Nick crafts user submitted images of obsolete media (e.g. floppy disks) to create these interesting images.

#3. alexmdc

Alex Solis combines drawings and real photos to create these cute, scary, and sometimes disturbing images.


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