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Smart Phone Users Aren’t The Only Ones Who Can Snag Deals Now…

Market Discounts Online with Facebook Offers

By Alyssa McCluskey
Check-in deals are out. Facebook Offers are in! One thing that small businesses may be interested in learning more about are making offers via Facebook. With the millions of Facebook users out there, marketing discounts through the social network is a smart move for a number of reasons.

How the New Feature Works

Facebook offers essentially act as virtual coupons. While check-in deals required mobile devices and visits to store locations, Facebook has decided to move toward this more self-serve alternative. The Facebook user simply clicks on the linked words, which sends the offer to his or her e-mail account to be used at a business’s location or website. Redeeming the offer puts a story into news feeds and the Facebook user’s timeline, opening up possible chances for others to redeem the offer and improving engagement for the business.

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First Steps for Facebook Offers

Right now, some businesses have the capability to use this new feature, but it has yet to be available for all businesses. When it does, this will be a great incentive for Facebook users hoping to snag a great deal at a local business’s establishment, and it is a great marketing strategy for local businesses to get noticed more on the web.

Opportunities for Increased Reach and Business

Though making Facebook offers is a feature available at no additional cost to the company, sponsoring the story is also an option in order to expand to both Facebook followers and friends of Facebook followers. Promoting a post, as was noted in a previous post, is an option for businesses with more than 400 “likes,” and costs some money for Facebook to send this post out wide enough for a greater number of Facebook users to see and engage with. Promoting offers may be a worthwhile endeavor for small companies, since Facebook offers have the potential to increase business.

One thing is certain: Facebook offers are a great idea for small businesses! Whenever a deal is happening, wouldn’t it be great for more people to take part? Redeeming an offer is so easy that Facebook users will take advantage of snagging deals right at their finger tips!

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