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Social Media for Human Resources: It’s used more than you think

What do your social media profiles say about you?

By Shannon Kinney

Social media can be a powerful platform to find candidates, and to screen them for cultural fit as well. In a recent presentation for Social Media Breakfast Central Maine, we explored the topic of Social Media for Human Resources – a hot topic recently.  Many businesses are using social media to promote openings, find candidates, and even screen people for potential fit.

One highlight for job seekers to keep in mind: when it comes to references, many companies – including Dream Local Digital – would say #dontneedem. We are scanning your social media profiles for fit, for how savvy you are, and we are looking at your LinkedIn profile for how many recommendations you have there.

For employers, LinkedIn is the main area where you can actually drive applications and deeply research candidates. In our recent presentation, we highlight that it is exponentially more effective than Facebook or Twitter for this purpose, and if you aren’t using it yet, you should be. There are also a variety of apps that leverage Facebook networks you can explore – check out the full Social Media Breakfast Central Maine (#SMBCME) presentation here to learn more.

Interested in working with the Dream Local Digital team to develop strategy for your social media marketing? Contact us today to get started.

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