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Surprised Twitter Is Beating Facebook At Mobile Advertising?

Twitter is Beating Facebook at Mobile…For Now

By Alyssa McCluskey

Twitter beats Facebook at mobileAt the moment, Twitter appears to be beating out Facebook for the amount of revenue earned through mobile advertising. Advertisements on Twitter are rather new; companies now have the opportunity to promote tweets, trends, and accounts, which offer a greater likelihood that your everyday Twitter user will see businesses’ posts. Newer still is Twitter’s mobile advertising. Ads are now seen on Smartphones and other portable devices, giving companies an even greater edge when it comes to getting their names out on the Internet. It’s a great strategy, considering the high traffic of Smartphone users on Twitter.

However, according to Mashable’s article, “Twitter to Earn More Mobile Ad Revenue Than Facebook This Year,” Twitter may not be on top for much longer. They may have won the battle for mobile advertising this time around, but Facebook is predicted to come out on top next year.

Facebook Trying to get Friendly with Mobile

Mark Zuckerberg has been talking up the word “mobile” lately, indicating that Facebook will focus more on making the social network more Smartphone-friendly. For Facebook, this is a highly important matter. Many Smartphone users are now finding it more convenient to check their Facebook accounts on their laptops or desktops, rather than their phones because of its poor quality. It’s simply too complicated, and for people who are only just making the switch to a Smartphone, the differences are very apparent. Yet how many people will check their Facebook accounts while waiting in the dentist’s office, or sitting in the car to pick up their kids from school? People use the mobile app, but it’s quite frustrating to navigate. Individuals are more inclined to do serious Facebooking on an actual computer, and are therefore more likely to see relevant ads there.

Twitter Was Made for Mobile

Twitter, on the other hand, has been geared toward mobile devices for some time now. Many people, especially Smartphone users, watch their Twitter feeds for the most current news and updates, since journalists and news stations utilize Twitter to get the word out as fast as possible. With such a sound foundation in mobile and a high presence of mobile users, it comes as no surprise that Twitter would be generating the most revenue in this form of advertising at the moment.

Facebook has a knack for changing its image frequently, so it is unsurprising that it would aim to make more changes. I think we’ll find that there will be greater satisfaction in Smartphone users when these changes are finalized. We’ll also find that Facebook may indeed beat Twitter at mobile advertising by next year.  Despite the expectation that Facebook will surpass Twitter in 2013, I think we’re going to find that Twitter will always be a contender for advertising via mobile. Its long-standing history with the Smartphone will keep it in competition with Facebook and other social networks, keeping it an important resource for businesses in terms of advertising through social media.

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