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The Impact of TikTok Advertising on Gen Z Buyers

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TikTok is a fantastic social platform, especially if you want to target Gen Z buyers with your advertising message.

If you use it properly, you can vastly improve your brand awareness and audience engagement.

TikTok has the ability to make seemingly anything go viral. Whether you are advertising cleaning products, kitchen appliances, or anything in between, it is the perfect platform to target younger buyers. Video views translate to sales quickly, making it more effective than many other platforms.

The TikTok Effect

TikTok is a relatively new platform. However, its reach and impact are undeniable. Even if you aren’t familiar with the app, you have probably felt its impact offline. Many book shops now have a section labeled “as seen on TikTok.”

The TikTok effect is felt among all industries. It doesn’t matter whether you advertise services or physical products. The funny skits, viral dances and routines appeal to all audiences, and a breakout TikTok video can push your brand to overnight stardom — dramatically boosting your sales.

In-depth product reviews and clothing hauls can amass millions of likes and views. That online engagement can quickly translate into sales. In fact, 49 percent of TikTok users confess to purchasing products that have been reviewed or advertised on the platform.

With billions of people on TikTok, this proves that their spending power is impossible to neglect.

Is TikTok Popular Among Gen Z Buyers?

The popularity of TikTok took off during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the first quarter of 2020, the rapid growth of TikTok set the record for most downloads in one quarter for a social app. There were 315 million installs.

The short-form video app has been recording considerable growth since then, and TikTok now has about a billion active users across the world. It is, therefore, more popular than LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, and Pinterest. In less than three years, TikTok gained the same popularity that Instagram did in six years.

However, TikTok mainly attracts younger people. About 90 percent of its users are Gen Zers. So it is no surprise that marketers flock to TikTok for its ability to promote collaboration and creativity, both appreciated by young audiences.

They are also interested in TikTok’s fast-paced nature. The average user will spend 52 minutes on the app. Ninety percent of users will check out TikTok every day, and they are likely to be very active on the app.

Types of TikTok Advertisements

TikTok supports various types of advertisements, and each one can be targeted to a unique audience and serve a unique purpose.

Here are a few types of TikTok advertisements to consider adding to your campaign:

  • Top View Ads
    These ads appear at the top of the feed when the app is opened. Such ads are up to 60 seconds long. These are the largest ad types on TikTok. Therefore, they are perfect for improving brand awareness.
  • Brand Takeover Ads
    With a brand takeover, a brand’s full-screen video or image ad is the first thing a user sees when opening TikTok on that day. Usually, these videos are about five seconds long. The most distinct feature of these ads is that they cannot be skipped. If you use these ads, you can embed links to external and internal landing pages. Use the CTR and impressions to measure your success.
  • In-Feed Ads
    These ads work just like Instagram and Snapchat story ads. They are skippable and can play on full screen. These ads can run for 60 seconds or longer. However, the ideal length is 15 seconds. In-feed ads appear in users’ “For You” feed. You can measure the success of a campaign through engagements, click-through rate, impressions and video views.
  • Branded Hashtag Challenges
    Your business can benefit from hashtag challenges. Encourage participants to create a hashtag with the goal of winning specified prizes. Successful hashtag campaigns not only promote engagement but also boost your brand visibility. You can create hashtags revolving around popular dances or trending topics.
  • Branded Effects
    Consider using branded effects in your videos. They come in the form of stickers, special effects, filters and games. This advertising method will boost your brand with minimal effort. In addition, it can make your experiences more interactive.

TikTok is one of the most popular advertising platforms for targeting Gen Z buyers. It is fast-paced, interactive, and big on creativity.

With a billion active users, you can use it to expand your brand reach within a short period. Contact us today, and let Dream Local Digital help you capture the Gen Z market via TikTok.

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