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The New Facebook: Exploring the Social Network’s New Look

For weeks, bloggers and those in the know have been reporting about a new look for the social media giant, Facebook. The change is now being rolled out and more and more users are getting an opportunity to navigate FB5, only the fifth major change to Facebook’s design since it was created.

Facebook has slowly made an effort over the years to create a cleaner, more modern look; adding more spotlight to popular features such as Groups and Events. These efforts have been more obvious in the network’s mobile app, while the desktop experience has remained mostly consistent. This new design will update both the mobile and desktop experience across the board, in a what should be a more focused platform for the new decade.

How is Facebook changing in 2020?

Let’s start with one of the most obvious changes: the ability to choose between light and dark mode! In a move that follows a recent mobile design trend, Facebook now allows you to stay in the traditional light mode, or add a totally different vibe.

Facebook light and dark mode

While most of the core features and functionality will remain in tact, the new design aims to place higher focus on the features that keep users coming back the most. Events, Groups, Messenger, Facebook Watch and Marketplace are all given higher priority real estate and other items that cluttered up your screen have been moved.


Facebook new look news feedThe new look for Facebook has already hit the mobile app for those that have updated to the most recent version. The desktop experience is being rolled out now and is expected to be available for everyone in the next few weeks. If you’ve made the switch and aren’t yet a fan, you still have the option to switch back, though this will likely be limited and eventually everyone will be switched over.

Facebook switch back to old version

Let us know what you think of the new look of The New Facebook in the comments below. Be sure to follow Dream Local Digital on Facebook and/or your favorite social media platform.

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