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The New Google Business Profile: Everything you Need to Know

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When it comes to SEO, Google is your best friend. Accounting for over 92 percent of the search engine market share worldwide, Google can improve your brand’s visibility and make it easy to target local clients.

Google’s tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence, formerly called Google My Business, was renamed Google Business Profile in November 2021. The search feature, which provides local customers with critical information such as your business hours, services, website and mapped location, has also been rolling out some important updates in addition to the new name.

We should mention that the benefits of having an up-to-date business profile on Google cannot be overstated. In fact, due to their Google business presence, companies recorded a 61 percent increase in calls during the pandemic.

Keeping up with trends is important to any business, so we’ll share a few highlights about the new Google Business Profile. It is a fantastic way to manage and boost your business presence, and your business will reap significant rewards if you get it right.

Why Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile makes it easier for small businesses to engage customers and manage their local profiles, as business managers can now access their profiles through an upgraded Google Maps and Google Search experience. (The Google My Business app is being retired.)

Your Google Business Profile is about more than regular listings and should be considered a critical part of your marketing strategy. You can use your profile to not only drive visitors to your website and your brick-and-mortar location but also to communicate with the relevant audience with messaging and reviews.

The best thing about Google Business Profile is that it is free and there are no indications that Google might charge for listings anytime soon.

Important Updates

The new Google Business Profile introduced a few critical updates. You can now find Google Listings, Google Places for Business, and Google + Business on your profile account.

Here are a few ways that the new Google Business Profile has changed:

  • You can use the search feature to send messages directly to shoppers.
  • Your Business Profile can be verified on Google Maps and Search. If you search your company’s name, you should find the option to verify the associated Business Profile.
  • You can use the call history option to identify calls received directly from your Google Business Profile (for sellers in the United States and Canada).
  • You can manage your profile directly through Google Maps and Search.
  • There is now a quick menu in the Google search results, so you can view the latest Google reviews, upload photos, or publish posts to improve the visibility of your products and services directly.
  • The Google My Business online interface is now Business Profile Manager, which focuses on bigger enterprises, especially those with multiple locations.

Benefits of the New Google Business Profile

Whether you are running a small or large business, the new Google Business Profile offers these benefits to make it easier to communicate and engage with your target audience:

  1. Increase Business Visibility

Your Google Business Profile determines how (and where!) Google will display your company in relevant searches. Your Business Profile enhances your business’s visibility, and with the opportunity to customize communication activities to suit your audience, you increase your chances of ranking higher on a search engine results page.

  1. Show Up on Local Searches

Did you know that mobile searches for products or services accompanied by phrases like “near me” or “where to buy” have recently seen increases of over 900% in a two-year period? These local searches include everything from furniture stores and restaurants to electricians and plumbers.

It’s no surprise that searchers want products and services that are close to them, and they usually want to know where to find it and for how much with a simple Google search. By keeping your lists of products, services and hours of operation up to date on your profile, you improve your chances of being found on a local search.

  1. Build Trust and Retain Customers

Customers are 2.7 times likelier to consider you reputable if they find your Google Business Profile. With so many options on their search results list, it’s imperative to give your customers a reason to choose you.

While being seen is the first hurdle, maintaining an up-to-date Google Business Profile can further improve your chances of moving customers through the sales funnel with simple efforts like displaying accurate information and providing visible review responses.

The new Google Business Profile is a change that any business can benefit from. It improves your brand visibility, credibility, and sales. If you are a startup, it could give you the exposure you need to get off the ground, especially on local searches.

Strong digital marketing strategies are a must when competing for the attention of today’s tech-savvy customers. Contact us and let Dream Local put your Google Business Profile to work for you.

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