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The Significance of Digital Art in an Age of Online Marketing

A Place for Digital Art in the Online Marketing World

The world is constantly changing, which means forms of communication are also transforming. From inscriptions on stone to the invention of the printing press, or from writing with a pencil to typing on a computer, society is continuously evolving the ways we share or exchange information. The 21st Century has become the Digital Era, with the Internet becoming not only a forum for media and information, but also a way for people to socialize via networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, blogging, and many other platforms.

This is Google’s fourth year running the Doodle 4 Google competition. Kindergarten through 12th grade students from areas across the country submitted artwork between January 14 and March 22, and finalists were chosen from each state, leaving it up to Google users to vote for the winning Doodle.

This year, the directions for the competition were to illustrate your “best day ever.”

Winning digital design of the 2013 Google 4 Doodle competition.

Sabrina Brady, 17, won the competition. Her caption read, “When I was 10 years old, my dad came home from war. This was my best day ever.” Her illustration was featured on Google’s home page on May 23, and she will receive a $30,000 college scholarship and a $50,000 technology grant for her school, Sparta High School.

So what is the significance of this? Google is encouraging digital art, which is a growing career in today’s world. According to a news analysis conducted in September 2011 by Max Eternity, a collective of government agencies in England had just allocated $815,000,000 for digital art and culture. During a time of adverse economic conditions, it is surprising that so much money would be allocated to these areas. However, Ed Vaizey, the Minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries for the Arts Council of England pointed out:

“Our lives are increasingly defined by how we engage and interact with the world digitally, and cultural organizations can’t afford to be left behind. Too often finances, structures or traditions can constrain the arts from making best use of  the technology which now sits at the heart of many people’s everyday lives. This program seeks to show how digital technology can revolutionize our cultural engagement, helping people to derive greater value from cultural activities and to find new ways to generate income.”

“Infinite Regress” by Cameron Edling, Digital Art student at La Salle University, PA.

A Need for Digital Art Designers

A digital artist makes art using the computer as her primary tool. This art can be intended for archiving, animations, video games, and websites. In an ever-changing world, these artists will fit right in; change in this field is constant. The Princeton Review notes that whether you are an illustrator, graphic designer, animator, or game designer, the software you use is constantly evolving.

Now that businesses are using social media in their marketing strategies, digital art designers are becoming increasingly critical. Appealing to the audiences of each organization is crucial, and one of the most effective ways to appeal to them and build relationships with customers is through images. Having someone to develop an interface for a project, draw pictures, assemble art, and make buttons for users to click on is beneficial for any organization or business that wants to market to the digital world.

Majoring in Digital Art in college allows individuals to learn how to use a wide variety of digital animation programs, including 2-D and 3-D graphics programs, explore electronic music, video installation, and Web design. Businesses now use the Internet to build their brand and show the world their product. Web design is essential for businesses in this culture, further demonstrating the need for more Digital Arts majors.

There is abundant evidence that civilizations will harvest the rewards of investing in art and culture, so why not embrace it? Google clearly encourages digital artists in the United States. Businesses better be on the lookout for expert digital artists. After all, they know how to handle constant change in an ever-evolving world.

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