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Tools You Should Know – YouTube’s Audience Retention Report

YouTube’s Analytics Show Results to Learn From

By Brian Pelletier

You’ve completed your YouTube channel and uploaded a few videos to promote your product or service. How do you know people are watching the video long enough to absorb your message? You don’t want to put all that time into your video only to find out your potential customers are getting bored within the first 7 seconds.

Measuring Results is Essential

By using YouTube’s audience retention report, you can pinpoint where you are losing your viewers’ attention. The report can help you determine whether you sound boring at the start of the video or whether your images are not attractive or related to what you’re selling. It can even tell you whether people are dropping out after hearing your dog barking in the background.

Use Analytics to Learn From Mistakes

It pays off to take the time to get to know the tools you are using to market to your audience. Just posting a video is not going to do you any good if you don’t understand or learn from your results. Get into your account and check out the Analytics section:

youtube analytics

The results from this video below tell a lot. It is losing the viewers’ interest within the first 30 seconds. You need to get the viewers’ attention and give them a good reason to stick around to hear what you have to say. With this knowledge you can see where you went wrong and learn from your mistakes.

YouTube analytics

Consider the Meta Description

It also helps to review the meta description you created for your video. If it doesn’t correctly describe the video’s content, viewers might be dropping out because the video isn’t what they expected to see. Make sure your meta description says exactly what you want your customer to expect or you might be attracting viewers who are not interested in your product to begin with.

YouTube wants you to be successful and attract the customers you want. Use its analytics tools to determine what videos are retaining your viewers’ attention and what videos can’t hold their interest.

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