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Track KPIs to Optimize Facebook Ad Engagement


Here’s how to monitor and optimize your Facebook ads for maximum engagement.

Starting a Facebook ad campaign is easy; Facebook has made the process streamlined and straightforward. But once they’re running, how do you know if your ads are productive, and what do you do if they don’t get the kind of engagement you’d hoped for?

When planning and running a Facebook ad campaign, keep an eye on metrics known as Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, to stay up to date on their performance and make real-time decisions to modify your campaign for better results.

What represents a key performance indicator varies from business to business and even from campaign to campaign. It’s up to you to decide which KPIs to keep track of and use to influence your ad campaign. Here are some examples of important KPIs to consider.


One of the most visible indicators of your campaign’s performance is how your audience is engaging with it. This can be measured in the form of comments, likes and shares. Poor engagement can be a sign that your content needs to be more appealing and, well, likeable! Are you asking questions that people are interested in answering? Are you providing them with content that is of interest to them and useful? Lack of engagement can also be an indicator that your audience/demographic targeting needs revision. Your campaign may be too broad, too specific, or off-target.


In the past, businesses would use laborious methods to generate leads such as sending surveys in the mail or collecting contact information in person at events. Today, small businesses can generate leads much more easily and economically on social media, using methods such as contests and offers of free downloads. Tracking the effectiveness of lead generation methods means examining the number of people who did or didn’t fill out a lead form, the CTR (Click Through Rate) to your landing page, and knowing the difference between paid and organic leads. Once you know where your leads are coming from and how they are behaving, you can target them more effectively in the future.


Knowing the rate of conversions, or leads converted on your landing pages, helps you plan your strategy for growing those conversions. Just because your campaign is leading people to your landing page doesn’t mean it’s effective. It’s what happens on the landing page, whether it seeks to collect leads, make sales, or take some other action, that counts as a conversion. Your ads and your landing pages need to work together to move new leads seamlessly to a conversion.


The reach of your campaign can be measured by looking at how many people have seen your content and how far it has spread. By knowing the size and character of your potential audience, you can tailor your content to its needs and interests. Measuring reach by itself is not always useful, but viewing reach metrics in conjunction with other KPIs is a great way to get the full picture.

Tracking Key Performance Indicators is central to any successful Facebook ad campaign. Contact us now to learn about how Dream Local Digital can create or fine tune your campaigns and get you the results your business needs.

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