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What Do You Think of These Recent Twitter Changes?

Twitter is a platform that some companies stay away from simply because they don’t understand how to use it other than to see outrageous tweets from celebrities. Tweets are Twitter’s way of saying “posts” and those tweets are limited to a whopping 280 characters. Not a lot, we know! 

How do you get your message across in only 280 characters, you might ask? By using these simple Twitter marketing strategies and changes. 

How To Use Twitter For Small Business Marketing

With 280 characters, Twitter has changed the meaning of “getting to the point.” While most social channels allow you to ramble on about whatever the post is, Twitter wants you to get the point across in less time. 

With attention spans dropping and people easily distracted, Twitter caught on early to this “less is more” theory, and businesses are thriving because of it. If you haven’t already implemented a social media strategy that includes Twitter marketing, now is the time. 

To create your small business Twitter marketing strategy, you must first think as if you are your customer. What problems do you solve for them? What happiness does your business provide? 

Write down a few hashtags you might search for as a customer. What phrases would you use? What language do you resonate with? Which other brands are you interacting with? 

Now that you have a little more insight, go to the Twitter search bar and type in your answers. As you see conversations relating to those topics make notes on what types of conversations are happening, which brands are involved, and the style of language that’s being used. 

You now have a better idea of what you should be including within your tweets. The next step is to create a few and test. 

Do Links and Photos Count in The 280 Character Limit? 

According to Twitter, you can include 4 images, a GIF, or a video in your tweet. If you add a link, it will count as 23 characters against the 280-character limit.

We’re happy with the changes. Not only does this give the Dream Local Digital clients more opportunity to write about their products and services, but it also allows our social media marketing team more characters to get the point across in one message.

Ready to take your Twitter marketing to the next level?

Our social media marketing strategy team is ready to help you craft short, effective, and engaging posts for your audience. Take a look at our Twitter services or send us as a message. And remember, you’re only 280 characters away from interacting with your next prospect! 

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