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Video Advertising: The Market Is Massive, And You’d Better Be on Board

Video Advertising

Why Video Belongs in Your Marketing Strategy

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The explosion of digital video viewing across a variety of devices has many companies scrambling to figure out how to promote their brands in this medium. Digital video advertising increased by more than 44 percent in 2013, according to Business Insider, and experts predict that total digital video ad-spending will grow to nearly $12.3 billion by 2018.

The public has a rather insatiable appetite for video content. Fifty-nine percent of executives would rather watch a video than read lots of text, Forbes reports, and we believe this percentage is even higher among the general population. Clear and compelling video content has the ability to convert clicks into landing-page views that lead to sales, especially in the mobile environment. Now is the time to build your company’s video department and integrate multi-screen digital video advertising into your overall marketing campaign.

Facebook Video Expansion

Online video ads are becoming more common on Facebook. This month, the social media giant announced exclusively to Reuters that it would allow marketers to showcase TV-like spots to its social network users in select countries overseas, possibly timed around the World Cup international soccer tournament in June.

Facebook began experimenting with video ads in the U.S. with select advertisers in March, but in light of the international growth of this style of video advertising, it’s likely it will become a major niche of mobile marketing.

On Facebook, the 15-second clips are automatically played in users’ news feeds and muted until clicked on. That’s smart, since online users have short attention spans and little patience for being pandered to by corporations. But the right eye-catching, funny or colorful video could captivate millions of people and launch a marketing campaign well beyond its expected revenues.

Facebook video ads are just the beginning of growing a digital media marketing method. Facebook bigwigs claims it is designed for advertisers who want to reach a large audience with sight, sound and motion. Smaller companies should make note now. It’s even possible to embed your messages in animated videos available through Shutterstock, which provides stock video and photos for companies without big-budget ad departments or teams of videographers to lean on.

2014 Video Ad Trends

Consumers’ increasing consumption of mobile video means that enticing them with creative, unpretentious video content on multiple mobile platforms is essential to your business’s overall marketing strategy. An article on CIO points out that 2014 will reveal how the average mobile user is not only researching and comparing products on their smartphones and tablets, but also using their mobile devices to make purchases.

Multiscreen marketing requires that product descriptions, stories and video displays must fit specific mobile formats. It’s also important to understand and track Web behaviors, since smartphone users differ from tablet users and many consumers shuffle between devices.

Video advertising provides the creative forum to connect with viewers. Mobile viewership habits are so reactionary and based on immediate clicks, that it’s possible to hook people in 15 seconds or less.

That’s where Dream Local Digital comes in. We can help you develop a marketing strategy that effectively integrates video into your campaigns, and produce the video too while we’re at it. Contact us today to learn more about Dream Local’s video marketing services. 

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