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Want to Increase Your ROI? Include Automation in Your Digital Marketing Strategy


Technological advancements have enabled businesses to automate many of their digital marketing processes, giving them more bandwidth to spend nurturing and retaining leads.

Automation can streamline a team’s workflow, handle redundant tasks, and track the status of deliverables. The bottom line is that automating your digital marketing strategy will enhance your business’s performance and ROI. Let’s consider how and why.

Marketing Automation Defined

When tech is used to automate a marketing process, we call this “marketing automation.” Automating ads, social media campaigns, and other marketing processes saves time and money. Marketing automation allows businesses to optimize their marketing process and improve their ROI.

For example, marketing automation software can handle sending welcome emails when a prospect signs up for an account or purchases a product. The software can also send reminder emails before a scheduled meeting, prior to a monthly subscription being billed, or before the end of a sale.

Marketing Automation Benefits

Marketing automation improves the efficiency and productivity of your marketing efforts. Automate repetitive tasks to free up more of your time. Improve your customer engagement by consistently nurturing leads and providing personalized marketing messages.

Marketing automation boosts your ROI by reducing the amount of time spent on repetitive tasks while improving the quality of your marketing strategy. It offers businesses an opportunity to optimize their entire marketing approach.

Use Automation In Digital Marketing

1. Email Automation

Billions of people send and receive emails every day. Email marketing is a vital part of any digital marketing strategy. Marketing automation software can streamline your email marketing strategy and can handle welcome emails, receipts, reminder emails, and more.

2. Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is a process that attaches a rating to a lead. Once your automation software is configured, your lead will automatically be assessed and rated. You will need to create your lead scoring system and input the characteristics and actions the software will use to score leads.

Once you create your list of actions and characteristics, you will choose the number of points awarded for each action or characteristic and organize your lead tiers. For example a lead that viewed your pricing page could receive +10 points initially, but once they sign up for a demo, that same lead may increase to +20 points.

3. Social Media Integration

Roughly 59% of the world’s population is using social media and spend over two hours a day on social media platforms. This means there is a massive opportunity for companies to attract leads and retain clientele using social media.

Marketing automation can assist with content creation, post-scheduling, data analytics, and engagement. Automation can also help your marketing team track trends as they develop and create relevant content.

Marketing automation makes it easier to connect with your audience. Certain automation software even allows businesses to respond to comments from multiple platforms simultaneously. It can also monitor your brand’s reputation, enabling you to engage with more individuals.

4. Consolidate Data And Analytics

Automation can also allow businesses to collect massive amounts of data on existing and potential customers.

With this data, businesses can make data-driven decisions to improve their marketing strategies. For example, if customers are not responding to a marketing campaign, automated data collection can inform your marketing team of this and enable your business to pivot faster.

5. Personalized Marketing

Consumers respond better to personalized marketing efforts. Generic content simply doesn’t perform the same way as a personalized message. Marketing automation gives businesses more time and data to craft personalized messages.

Automation marketing can divide consumers and site visitors into demographic categories, characteristics, needs, and behaviors. This allows your business to target each group with specific content and messaging.

As an example, Amazon tracks consumers’ views and product interests and then recommends similar products. Their automation and software track users’ behavior and needs and displays personalized suggestions.

Tips For Using Automation

Take an omnichannel approach.

Consumers and businesses use multiple social media platforms. Companies can adopt an automated omnichannel approach to market efficiently across various platforms. A centralized marketing solution saves you time and money.

Take advantage of AI.

AI and machine-learning software can assist in segmenting users, collecting behavioral data, and personalizing your marketing content. Consider using AI software or an AI-related tool.

Prioritize Personalized Marketing Messages

Consumers are exposed to generic ads and marketing every day. The more personalized, data-driven, and valuable your content is, the more likely your reader will interact with your content. Use your automated analytics to identify specific customer needs/interests and then double down.

Your business should focus on cultivating strong relationships with loyal customers, and automation allows your business to not only improve efficiency but also audience connection.A digital marketing agency can assist in streamlining your marketing efforts and establishing an automated marketing approach. Dream Local Digital is a strategic marketing partner to businesses throughout the U.S. To see how marketing automation will improve your ROI, contact us today.

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