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Weekend Reads 16

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This Week’s Stories: media, tech, small biz, and culture

By Jeff Howland

Think Pinterest is Stupid? This Interview Might Change Your Mind

by Alexis C. Madrigal, The Atlantic

“Evan Sharp, one of the co-founders of Pinterest, delves into what the wildly popular image-collecting site is really about, and what it’s likely to do in the future.”

The New Yorker Stories You Should Read Before the Paywall Goes Up

by Eliza Berman and Slate Staff, Slate

The New Yorker [recently] made all of its magazine pieces since 2007 freely available online for three months. After that time, everything will go behind a metered paywall, along the lines of what the New York Times has in place. So what should you read during this three-month free-for-all?”

Let’s Fly: How to Survive Air Travel

by Craig Mod, Medium

“Arrive early and move through the airport like the Dalai Lama. You are in no rush. All obstacles are taken in stride, patiently, with a smile. Approach the nearly empty check-in counter. Walk up and say, I’m a bit early but I’m here to check in …”

How the Other Half Works: an Adventure in the Low Status of Software Engineers

by Michael O. Church

“‘Bill’ is a software engineer on the East Coast, who, at the time (between 2011 and 2014) of this story, had recently turned 30 and wanted to see if he could enter a higher weight class on the job market. … To one company, he applied as a Senior Software Engineer. To the other, he applied for VP of Data Science.”

The Surprisingly Savvy Weird Al Internet Machine

by Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic

“… as we try to make sense of Mandatory Fun, [Weird] Al’s fourteenth studio album—and as we round into the fourth decade of his career—it’s becoming clear that his old-school/new-school media business playbook is a little genius. … How does he do it? Where will it lead? And will this be his media strategy forever?”


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