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Weekend Reads 4

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This Week’s Stories: media, tech, small biz, and culture

By Jeff Howland


James Fallows, The Atlantic

This is a story from 2011, worth reading again with the recent news about the Heartbleed bug. James Fallows walks through the his wife’s near loss of six years worth of correspondence in her email, including photos and her late father’s messages.

Accelerating Serendipity

Stef Lewandowski, Medium

Can you make happy accidents happen more often? Serendipity is often portrayed as just luck—a happy accident that occurs at random. There is a case however, that by having a prepared mind, you will be likely to find more of it.

Facebook and Google’s Race to Zero

Alicia Levine, Medium

Facebook plans to shell out $19B for WhatsApp, the instant messaging service on-pace to grow to 1 billion users in places like India, Brazil, and Mexico. Google is launching balloons up into the stratosphere via its “Project Loon” (cost undisclosed) to bring Internet connectivity to the billions of people without it. Facebook, Google, and other tech giants are racing to win the enormous business opportunity created by the next 5 billion people coming online, mostly with their mobile phones.

The Front Page 2.0

Michael Kinsley, Vanity Fair

In most hand-wringing debates about the future of newspapers, high-quality journalism is seen as doomed by the Internet. The author—V.F.’s newest columnist—begs to disagree.

The Wolf Hunters of Wall Street

Michael Lewis, New York Times Magazine

An Adaptation From ‘Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt,’ by Michael Lewis – How electronic trading works, how it is impacting real people, and the guy that figured out how to beat the bots at their own game.

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